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Bayer strain theorem

Updated on November 16, 2014

The scientist Vo Adlof Bayer, the researcher of Munich University introdue a theory that in terms of a strain of the carbon carbon and carbon angle in the structure of cyclopropane and cyclobutane. Bayer strain theory proposed that the strain is a tendency of opening the ring structure of cyclic compound. We know that the structure of the carbon is tetrahedral. The bond angle between carbon-carbon-carbon is 109 degree. This is the standard angle. When carbon in a molecule is tetrahedral and the angle is 109 degree, the molecule is more stable. But in cyclopropane and cyclobutane the angle is deviated. Cyclopropane is triangle structure, and the angle is 60 degree. On the other hand in cyclobutane the angle is 90 degree and cyclobutane is square structure. The deviation in the angle makes the cyclopropane and cyclobutane more unstable. There found a srrain that tends to open the ring structure of cyclic compound.


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