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Be wise while choosing your degree

Updated on April 1, 2016
Choosing major
Choosing major

Choose your degree

When you complete your intermediate qualification you get confused to choose between the available majors and people around will make it even more confusing by suggesting you different options and they seem cleverer to you but it is you who has to decide whether you want to be an engineer, doctor, artist or lawyer. Be fair and honest with yourself and discuss with your parents what you want to do in your life and finally discuss it with your teachers.

First of all be realistic and keep in mind that you want a degree to be successful and you need to make bread and butter as well so choose a career which you really like as if the majors is of your interest you will be more keen to complete degree with good grades and remember if you have good grades you have fair chances of getting good jobs. Ask yourself how many people in your class have top grades. Off course a smaller percentage and now think how many graduate country wise have high grades a fewer. So if you have good grades you are likely to get a good job.

Always go for a degree which has a broader scope and never go for your hobbies. Let me explain this like you like motor sports and engines but don’t go for studying Motor Sports engineering go for Mechanical Engineering degree first and you will be able to decide between your hobby and passion in 4 years of degree program.

Look for the degree programs which offer internship programs as well which are the part of your degree program. Countries like UK, USA and Canada do offer internships programs which are part of your degree like they call it MECOP in USA, CO-OP in Canada and Sandwich year in UK. Thus you will be able to get the practical experience along with the degree and will be having a clear career vision.

I would also recommend to search and look for people who are studying the same majors which you are interested to talk to them and ask them the questions.

Finally look into the universities which are offering your program and compare the facilities they are offering and also look into the faculty so that you may get the most out of your degree program.So never give up and always look into your options before deciding about a major.



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