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Beach Metal Detecting - fun, easy to take part in and can be lucrative!

Updated on June 19, 2012

Beach Metal Detecting

As a metal detectorist for the last 19 years or more I have found some great items while metal detecting on both the land and beach. I believe metal detecting is a fantastic hobby and one that can be enjoyed by all the family. The easiest arm of the metal detecting hobby that you can take part in is beach metal detecting. Walking the beach metal detecting on a summers morning is second to none, but why is metal detecting on the beach this the easiest I ask you say? and let's see why with the following points.

Ease of access
Access to the beach and foreshore can be much easier than trying to secure permission to metal detect on field sites and other inland areas. Ease of access is also one thing to consider, especially if your are taking the younger members of the family metal detecting.

Ease of the finds, especially for the young metal detectorist
Another great reason is the amount of finds on offer, with beaches having a lot of recent metal detector finds from the various beach users. There can also be older finds, but this can be dependent on the location of the beach and weather conditions

Minelab Explorer XS the metal detector I use for metal detecting on the beach
Minelab Explorer XS the metal detector I use for metal detecting on the beach

Constant movement of the beach, natures ploughing.
Beach metal detecting can be very good after a storm that churns up the sand revealing new finds that were previously out of the range of the metal detector. These storms also remove sand from beaches allowing access to the harder packed sand that lies below and access to other possible finds that would normally lay buried. All these points make beach detecting one of the easiest and most fun aspects of the hobby. It's also one aspect of the metal detecting hobby that can be very lucrative, especially on beaches that have a lot of activity in the summer months. The winter storms, which I like to call natures ploughing, is always exposing and moving finds around. Even in the summer when the bigger storms don't disturb the beaches to much, the wave action on bigger tides can produce new finds.

Specialist gear extends your metal detecting search area
With beach metal detecting, using specialist metal detecting gear can extend the area on which you can detect. Using metal detecting machines that can be used in water will increase your finds area. On larger tides this will be extended further as you will be able to walk to the very low tide line and then continue into the shallow water. Areas that are out of the reach with traditionional beach metal detectors.

Beach Metal detecting can be classed as a specialist arm of metal detecting as you do need a metal detector that can cope with the wet salt water sand conditions. You will also need a specialist digging tool like a sand scope. Sand scopes are not essential but they can help with soft sand conditions or areas of the beach near the water line and the sand which is waterlogged, but a metal detector that can cope with the wet sand conditions is a must. I personally use the Minelab Explorer XS which is superb on both land and beach sites and you can a great Minelab Explorer XS review here.

Beach metal detecting is a fantastic and sometimes lucrative hobby and for more tips on increasing your finds rate on the beach take a look at this article beach metal detecting tips an article that has 5 tips to help you find more while metal detecting on the beach.

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Beach Metal Detecting

As someone who metal detects I always look out for video, on and off line, but one of my favourites is the video below of a detectorist on my local beach. . . enjoy!

Look out for my hub and blog posts on metal detecting videos and where to find the best.

If your interested in Metal Detecting the take a look Metal Detecting a great hobby for all, another of my hubpages on metal detecting.

A kids metal detector that works really well and can be seen in action via the link.
A kids metal detector that works really well and can be seen in action via the link. | Source

Metal detecting fun on the beach for the kids

Metal detecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby and during the summer the kids will love finding coins on the beach. Cheap kids metal detector can be hard to buy, as many can be no more than toys. There are metal detectors for children that work really well and will give them hours of fun on the beach during summer and take a look at one in action via the link above.

Do you go metal detecting? and feedback on my hub is always welcome, feel free to vote up and share.

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    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      6 years ago from Devon

      Trash can be a good thing as it shows there is activity in that area. When metal detecting on a beach I dig ALL targets as rings etc can be seen as trash by the detector. I found a great video clip which I have posted here on my blog ( shows what can be found if you put the time in and have a LOT of luck. It makes for some good watching and the number of gold and silver rings that are found is amazing.

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 

      6 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      Living on the Delmarva Peninsula I have lots of beaches to comb, but get frustrated by all the trash. What I want to find is something like that cache of gold found on your side of the world recently! I love metal detecting, it is very theraputic, and rewarding if you manage to find a silver coin or two.

    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      6 years ago from Devon

      Thanks for the feedback and the vote up. More hubs on metal detecting to follow as I am bit of a nut on the subject, so check back. Thanks again.

    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      6 years ago from Devon

      You would find lots more and you never know what might turn up as most beaches have lost jewellery as well. Good luck in any future Hunting.

    • point2make profile image


      6 years ago

      Good info and good hub voted up. Beaches are my favorite places to detect and I found them to be great places to learn how to use your detector as well. I use a Fisher detector and like you enjoy the hobby very much. Will check out some of your other hubs.

    • CWanamaker profile image


      6 years ago from Arizona

      I have found plenty of coins at the beach without a metal detector; I bet I had one I would have found a lot more. Someday I will get a metal detector and comb the beaches for fun.


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