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Beautiful Promises with Laughter

Updated on February 8, 2013

Subject Through the History of Genres - Time for New Media

"Time simultaneously makes the present pass and preserves the past in itself. There are, therefore, already, two possible time-images, one grounded in the past, the other in the present. Each is complex and is valid for time as a whole." Gilles Deleuze

People often ask me how the new media films differ from, for example, the 1960's genre of short films; is there anything in common? I usually reply that for me it is a direct continuation of the history of genres. Also the subject matters have altered very little, as if they had only changed into new clothes. Only the production tools have developed among other things in the world. For artists this situation is of course intriguing as new tools enable many new ways for expression, while the tradition of the subject matter remains almost constant. As Andy Warhol once famously stated: "I paint anybody, anybody that asks me".

Indeed the subject matter has not radically changed; the world around us, landscapes, people, sublime, fused with everyday, souvenirs, memories, internal landscapes or visions, address in a critical as well as a poetical manner to one of the eternal questions of art - the place of human in the world of changes, is still intriguing artists. Some artists also portray these subjects by interlacing traditional imagery to digital animation. This approach may also sometimes provide with a see-saw of calm and terror, containing the imaginary moment, distance and characters into an accelerating visual torrent.

In the current world of new media the instruments to realise and experience art are developing faster than ever. In the very near future it could become a fashion to collect and exhibit new media art also in a domestic context. It could also be possible that the owners of such art could easily, literally, enter the worlds of such work, become the subjects in this new art. Imagine the new subject - you, as well as original the subjects of artwork, confronting each other in the space-time continuum of the new media art.

It may blow your mind!

Red Empty - recommended reading on Aesthetics of New Media

'The purpose of Art is to sober and quiet the mind

so that it is in accord with what happens.'

John Cage - Visual Art

Essential New Media Art - vote for your favourites!

BILL VIOLA: I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like
BILL VIOLA: I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like

An epic journey in five chapters, I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like' is a personal investigation into the inner states and connections to the animal consciousness we all possess. In a stream of images of striking clarity, depth and beauty, woven within a subtle fabric of natural sound, Viola creates a timeless view of the natural world and our place in it.

Brian Eno: 14 Video Paintings
Brian Eno: 14 Video Paintings

14 Video Paintings is comprised of two separate works ("Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan" and "Thursday Afternoon") created in the early ‘80s by Brian Eno for art gallery exhibition only. Available for the first time on DVD, viewers are presented with a series of slowly evolving "video paintings," with "Thursday Afternoon" focusing on the human figure and "Mistaken Memories" on the Manhattan skyline. The music for "Thursday Afternoon" is a different version than what appears on Eno%...


Notions of perception through New Media Art

Notions of perception, time and subjectivity are central to all art, where traditionally the visual arts have been understood as spatial and music as a temporal. Audiovisual new media art proves this division to be problematic.

Read more at Discerning Subject in Spacetime

Epic in Transition

The fashion of how to tell a good story may have found new formalities and as such developed new techniques for telling, but the stories are only complete when the audience brings the virtual world into the actual one, combining their own reality with the one perceived from the audio-visual screen.

To read more, visit Storytelling in the Digital Era

'Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with

reality. Technology has become the body's new

membrane of existence.'

Nam June Paik

Matthew Barney rarities and bargains in auction

new media discussion - Who do you think is the leading New Media Artist at the moment?

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      9 years ago

      It blows mine!! Like the quote from Cage, personally my favourite is the one that goes on about boring things...


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