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Beauty is inside the Human Being.

Updated on August 1, 2016


The beauty.

Beauty is something subtle, not given by the ambition of the Human Being, it is in the smile of a tree, in the chain of rose petals, in the innocent soul of a child and a falling raindrop.

Inner Beauty.

The beauty is internal to the soul of people, is typical of passionate beings and lover of life, is what determines the joy and the weakness of man.

Beauty in poverty.

Beauty is in a house full of poverty, in the face of a sad and painful walker, in life full of setbacks that make lift which tormented and fragile individual.
The beauty is great for life; as it attracts a mighty king to his throne, is shared t distributed among beings who welcome in her lap the faint of heart, the locked in their bitterness and routed to their destination.


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