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Socrates Introduced Mental Evolution

Updated on May 11, 2014

How Socrates made history

Philosophy would have never had such a strong impact on the human mind if it were not for Socrates. In society we see things as we are taught but to philosophize is to push those things aside for a moment and let our minds think for their selves. From birth to death Socrates must have carried a mind of his own. How else was he able to set aside what he was taught and go against what society was doing? He taught to question everything and that shows how his mind was never imprisoned. When Socrates chose to think for his self he opened a new door to what we now call Ancient Philosophy. In this sense philosophy was Socrates's main practice. These days philosophy is practiced among many curious minds, and this is all because of the legendary Socrates.

Socrates had a beautiful soul

Think about your way of thinking for a minute. Imagine stepping out of that process and allowing for new possibilities to enter your mind. See yourself examining life on a deep basis to where you allow yourself to not be restrained by the normal way of thinking, and capture new reality that comes your way. This is how Socrates was. He let his mind go beyond the normal way of thinking. In order to do this one must have a beautiful soul. Why? Because the mind and soul are two different existences that are still connected. Hence, if Socrates was thought to have a beautiful mind, then he also had a beautiful soul.

How can mankind be like Socrates?

There are various people who are already practicing the ways of Socrates. These types of people range from college professors to seminar speakers. The ones who choose to examine life are the ones who practice philosophy as Socrates did. It is important to keep in mind though that Socrates existed back when examining life was considered a bad thing to do. In fact, it was the process of philosophizing that initially convicted Socrates and sentenced him to death. Of course, there is so much more liberty these days among certain places in the world, but back then it was much different.

Socrates was a freedom fighter

While many who have studied Socrates's life are aware of the black sheep ways he had towards his society, they may not realize that Socrates was also a freedom fighter. How? Because he was a free spirit who aimed to receive answers that others were afraid to seek. Therefore, Socrates was not imprisoned by his leaders like the rest were. This placed him in an outcast bracket that we today see as freedom fighting.

Socrates created mental evolution for us all

In our world today there is a much different approach to seeking answers. In fact, the process of examining life has never been so prevalent as it is now. With different social media websites having users who explore the so called truth on all levels, contemporary society is thinking more like Socrates than it ever has before. This shows that we as humans have evolved in the effort of questioning everything. This also means that Socrates not only formed what would be the future of mankind thinking, but also the evolution of mankind when it comes to mind control.

Is examining life worth the time?

If I take an orange and place it in front of you, then I take an apple and place it in front of you right next to the orange you might wonder why. This is a natural process for the human mind. The question you want to know is why did I place an orange and apple side by side in front of you. There are different possibilities when it comes to the answer. Maybe I did it so you could eat them. Maybe I did it so you could see what they look like side by side. You will have no clue as to why I placed the orange and apple side by side in front of you unless you seek answers right? This is the same concept one uses when examining life. Thus, examining life requires looking deeper into the simplest things as well as why certain things exist or occur. Each person has the choice to decide if the process is worth their time though. Undoubtedly, Socrates chose to take the time.


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