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Beauty of Arabian Sea

Updated on September 14, 2014

Arabian Sea and Karachi

Karachi is economic, social and culture hub of Pakistan. Karachi is largest city of Pakistan and provincial capital of Sindh province city population is more than ten million people. Karachi is also birth place of Pakistan founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah his tomb is situated in center of city.

Karachi is situated on the bank of Arabian sea. Due to its important strategic location and sea port Karachi is playing important role in country progress and also considers gate way for Afghanistan and central Asia.

City has lot of tourist attraction places, large number of amusement parks, markets and shopping centers. Karachi has world most natural and sandy beaches full of natural beauty and sea life.

Karachi is situated on bank of Arabian sea

Karachi is situated on bank of Arabian sea. Karachi sea life is full of pleasure and enjoyment. Karachi has world finest beaches and sea life of the world. Karachi sea port considers world busiest port of the world and playing a vital role in country progress. Karachi port is also a main route of goods supply to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Karachi sea port is also a main route for Nato supply in Afghanistan.

Boat Trip to Arabian Sea

Arabian sea is full of different types of fishes and lives of thousands fishermen's and their families depends on Karachi sea life. Large fishing ships, small boats always busy in different parts of sea in search of their living hood. Karachi fisheries is hot point of fish sale in city all type of fish are available here. Arabian sea is also providing amusement and enjoyment to thousands of people inside and out side Karachi.

Natural Beauty of Arabian Sea

During your boat trip we can see several small Islands, big ships and fishing boats.Boat trips and fishing adventures in Karachi sea provides lot of enjoyment and amusement but you have to carefully chose place and time. Usually in peak summer season sea becomes very rough and high currents make things bad to worse for ordinary people. When sea is rough and currents are high it is also very hard to find fishes if you are on fishing trip.

Calm and Quiet Arabia Sea

In mid season sea is usually very calm and quiet and this is ideal time for boat trip and fishing. During your boat trip safety should be your first priority because in case of any disaster most of people don't no how to swim. Must arrange life jackets for every person if you are going in cold season arrange your cloths carefully take enough water and food also.

Top Picnic Spots at Karachi Beach

Top Visiting spots at Karachi Beach.

  • Hawks Bay
  • Sands Pit
  • Paradise Point
  • French Beach

Boat Trip to Arabia Sea

Karachi Sea Quiz

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Geography of Arabian Sea

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Arabian Sea
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Arabian Sea in Pictures


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