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Am I Suffering From A Bed Bugs Rash

Updated on March 21, 2011

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

If you wake up in the morning and suddenly have a rash that you have no idea what could have caused it you may have a rash that caused by bed bugs. Bed bugs will sometimes leave bumps, drops of blood, and maybe even a rash. Each persons skin is different and some will have worse effects than others.

A point of interest is that bedbugs do not actually bite they will suck the blood from a sleeping individual. The reason a rash will often appear from bed bugs is because they normally go along feeding in a line, basically a suck here a suck there until they are full and go bask into hiding. This feeding normally occurs right before dawn.

They do not however feed every night, they can go reportedly up to a week with out food. If a rash has formed a consultation to a doctor is often a good idea since the rash may just be a skin irritation or an allergic reaction from something. A bed bugs rash should never be scratched as itchy as it may be.

How does a rash form from bed bug bites?

After the bed bugs rash has formed first thing to do is clean it with a non scent soap. After letting air dry you can apply an over the counter hydros one cream to the affected areas. Be sure to not cause any scabbing as this can get infected and lead to needing an antibiotic. If you are suffering from an infestation of bed bugs it may be a good idea to purchase a protective pad for enclosing your mattresses and box springs.

However bed bugs do not only live in mattresses they can be found in any area of the house. A simple way to try and catch if you an insect problem is to put a layer of Vaseline around the sleeping quarters. Upon waking check to see if any bedbugs have been trapped by the goo. That is a messy but sure fire way to see if you have bed bugs. A bed bugs exterminator can also come into your home and check to see if you have bed bugs by checking for their dander. So if you have a bedbugs rash remember not to scratch it put hydros one cream on it and if it does not clear within a week seek the treatment of a doctor.


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