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Before Buying A Fire Shrimp (Blood Shrimp, Lysmata Debelius)

Updated on October 30, 2012

My Second Fire Shrimp

Things you should know for success

Fire Shrimp or it's other name Blood Shrimp is a marine animal. It won't live in a freshwater aquarium. It can only survive in a salt water aquarium. Fire Shrimps are hermaphrodites which means that any 2 shrimp given the chances can form a pair and reproduce. One fire shrimp can do the duty of a male or a female at the same time. However it needs to be paired for it to reproduce. They are territorial and defend their hiding place. Therefore you can't put so many of them together in one tank. One last thing, for sure this is one of the most beautiful marine shrimp however they hide a lot and you don't get to see them much. Therefore if you are looking for an active shrimp that you want to see and watch all around the day this is not the shrimp for you. From my experience when I got my first fire shrimp all it did was hiding behind the live rock. Then I got another one hoping to pair them and the first shrimp became more active usually chasing the new fire shrimp. They both picked the same live rock as their territory. And I'm hoping that they will pair. I will keep on giving my experiences here. If you decide to have a fire shrimp I strongly suggest you to get two of them not only one so that they can be less shy and be paired. Please read below for important instructions after you purchase.

After you purchased the Fire Shrimp try to protect the animal from elements such as cold on the way home.

When you get home don't just put the Fire Shrimp into the aquarium right away. It needs to adjust to the water parameters in your aquarium first. If not there's a chance that it may die even though it survives for some time in your aquarium.

To adjust your fire shrimp to it's new environment:

Fire shrimp will come in a plastic bag with water to your home. Put the fire shrimp and the plastic bag's water together into an empty clean container. Don't pour the water fast because the fire shrimp can get hurt by hitting the bottom of the container. And pick a container that is tall enough for it not to escape.

Every 2 minutes put in little of your aquarium's water into the container. About 10% of container's original water every 2 minutes. This job, pouring your aquariums water into the container, will take 40 to 45 minutes. Or you can use drip acclimation system which is easier and inexpensive you can find information about this on the internet.

Now you can net your fire shrimp and put it in your aquarium. Don't make sudden movements to let your shrimp leave the net once in the aquarium. Be gentle to not to damage the shrimp. Bring the net closer to a live rock and let it walk onto the rock by itself.

Don't put in the water in the container to your aquarium. Use a pre-made salt water mix to top up your aquarium's water.

This way you can increase your chances for success.

Fire Shrimps Sharing the Live Rock

On the left my second fire shrimp, on the right the first one I got and far right my hermit crab. Even though my first shrimp is more active now they are reluctant to leave their live rock and wander around the aquarium.

The other 2 inhabitants I have

My only 2 fish Maroon Clown and Damsel. I got the Maroon Clown 2.5 years ago.


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      the81ghost 5 years ago

      you can check out this link to how to reproduce fire shrimps. Check out the whole page there are links in it on top and bottom of the page.