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Being Fully Human: Claim Your Birthright

Updated on April 4, 2018
God reaching to man
God reaching to man

What is a birthright?

At first glance this looks like a no brainer: it’s a right that you get simply because you were born or a right you gained at birth. A birthright is specific. A birthright is given not earned. Birthrights must be claimed. Birthrights are bestowed by those who have the power to do so. So it is with the birthright to be fully human.

Our birthright is specific.

When a fire dwindles down until there remains nothing but ashes it cannot rekindle itself. Our spirit is like that. It is dead. The curse of sin, those actions and attitudes that separate us from God, has killed the fire. Yet, there is a small ember smoldering beneath the ashes. That ember is the yearning to become fully human. It is our birthright to become fully human.

A birthright has to be claimed.

Based on the premise above the birthright to be fully human is one that all of us have a claim to. Though a prince may be the heir to the throne, he has to wait until it is his time to claim that throne. The throne is inherited. Someone must first die before he can inherit that throne. The king will bequeath the throne to his son who has a rightful claim to the throne and all that it entails. This is his birthright. For us to inherit our birthright our king had to die. In so doing, he bequeathed to us the right to become fully human and all that it entails.

We have to claim the right or else the birthright remains useless and empty. We know that this birthright was given to us by the king who would have us to be princes or princesses. Actually, this birthright is given to us by the King of kings, Jesus. God gave us the power to become His sons and daughters through Jesus. Jesus’ mission was to bring us back to God by making our spirit alive.

Some will decline their birthright.

Sadly, there are many who refuse to claim the work of Jesus to resurrect their spirit and claim the birthright. Some will try to gain this birthright through illegitimate means. They will claim to be sons and daughters, yet they are imposters playing the part. Jesus said that not all that calls him Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven. If you want to be a citizen of a particular country then you have to abide by the rules and regulations of that country to become that citizen. If you want to become a citizen of heaven (which is your birthright) you have to do it God’s way. This is the only way. If there was a better or more correct way then God would have done it and then would have made that way clear to us.


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