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Being True- some thoughts

Updated on May 7, 2012
Crying Eye- or the pain is worth being True to Myself from Kymberley della Luce Source:
Crying Eye- or the pain is worth being True to Myself from Kymberley della Luce Source:

Being True

By Tony DeLorger © 2012

Were it not for the questioning of a voracious mind I would not have chosen the dilemma that now plagues my being. I say chose because I believe ultimately we create our reality by the decisions and movement of our mental and emotional conclusions; the law of balance an ever-present catalyst in our daily affairs.

The predicament is this. Knowing what I know about my needs, my wants and aspirations, how far do I bend to satisfy the whims of convention and societal expectations to achieve the freedom to do what I know I should be doing?

It sounds simple but it‘s not for me. Convention states plainly I must work, earn money and take on the responsibilities of a man, a father, a partner and a citizen. Each one represents a sacrifice of some kind; some I make willingly, others under duress.

Money to me means little on the levels of thought with which I most concern myself. Money simply represents choices; the more you have, the more choices are available. This is beneficial in the pursuit of creative endeavours and all that my soul needs to express in the physical world. Driving expensive cars and symbols of status are to me pointless, but travelling the world, experiencing other cultures, art and ways of life are; giving my creativity a wider birth and a broader perspective.

The difficulty is how much compromise must be made before the process of acquisition overshadows the reason for the process and the opportunities it offers. My fear is the compromise in application can dull the creative stream and chosen aspirations that are the purpose of the compromise.

Many people work hard, sacrifice their personal ambitions and follow a career that gives security to their family and upholds the expectations of society. But in the end many of these people become lost in the tedium, fall to status, power and greed and end up ill, without direction, abandoning their families and themselves to the machine that is an illusion of sorts.

We are all responsible for our actions, our lives in a physical sense, our children, family and friends, weaving life around all that is important to us and giving credence to the quality of life we wish to achieve. But quality is not just about the physical world and in many respects knowing what we need mentally and emotionally to lead a fulfilled life, rarely has anything to do with money. That is the dilemma, the balance between what we have to do to survive and to do what we should do to live a happy and productive life.

Life is about balance, and selling your soul to the devil will never get you to heaven. In other words, losing yourself in the necessities of life does not free you to find happiness and fulfilment in what you really want. Sacrifice and compromise are often necessary, but abandoning your wishes and not being true to yourself can only cause pain and a soul empty of nourishment.

Being true is simply an understanding of your own values and purpose and considering it in all you do, can only enrich your life and gain the balance and freedom to reach your goals.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Glad you see the light Kj. Thanks for reading and your comment.

    • kj force profile image

      kjforce 6 years ago from Florida

      Thought provoking hit the nail on the many of us ever learn what our purpose is in this life ? We strive to teach others from our mistakes, but they rarely listen..we allow our lives to be determined by society ..shame on us..

    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Quite a response Ronnie. I'm certainly glad you connected in this way. I believe that HubPages gives us all the opportunity to not only share our work and thoughts but also to extent our understanding and learn from one another. I appreciate your reading and commenting. Read some more. Have a great day.

    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago


      I felt like I was waking to my real self by reading your hub. Short of supporting my family to suffice in our environment, my primary desire was to understand humanity as I experience it by nature and nurture. I'll have to look for some of your other hubs, thanks.


    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks Goblin Market. Glad you connected. Thanks for reading and your comment.

    • profile image

      Goblin Market 6 years ago from Finland

      True, true. Some of those sacrifices give me great satisfaction of some sort, as they represent my willingness to be flexible for those I love. However, quite rightly, too many sacrifices, too often (and quite often for reasons that are socially motivated) can leave one feeling lonely and as you said, "empty"....

      Nice reflection.