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Being greedy is a curse

Updated on October 10, 2015

Few days before, when I was returning from university, I saw an old women knocking at different doors and begging for some money. When she saw me, she moved towards me and asked for some help, I gave a coin to her, she said “thank you”, I was surprised by listening this word because English is not our native languages and beggars are not familiar with English. After that day, I saw that woman many times, and one day she asked me in English, “how are you”, this sentence surprised me more. I was thinking about that where may be her children? Whyshe is begging in this old age? I found no answer. But one day, my mother asked me “do you know about that woman who says “thank you” every time”? I saidno but I am curious about her. My mother told me that our seamstress was her neighbor and she told the story of that old beggar woman. Her story is really meaningful for the readers.

That beggar woman was from amiddle class family; her parents married her with a middle class working man. But she was not happy, she always teases him and taunt him due to his low social status. Her husband tried his best to provide her happiness and goodliving but she was not happy even after the birth of a baby girl. When her daughter was5 year old, that woman found a wealthy man who showed his interest in her beauty and give her marriage proposal. That silly woman demanded her husband fordivorce anddespite of all his requests, she left him and her little daughter only to become a wealthy woman. She married that rich man and feltindependence but this happiness was ofvery short period. Her new husband suddenly died due to a minor disease. After his death, she came to know that her husband has transferred all his property to his nephew. This was a big shock for her; another shock was that the house where she was living is not her house now. The nephew of her husband shifted there with his family and evicted her from all the authorities. She repented on her act of leaving herex husband and daughter but it is no useofcrying over split milk. Now she is forced to live like a servant there and thatso called nephew don’t allow her to enterinthe house without some money in her hands. This is the consequences of her greed which she didn’t control on time. But now she is very old and she had suffered a lot, may her problems end soon.

The purpose of telling this story is to teachyoung generation that the affection of money is not bad, but greed is destructive. It can cause destruction for whole life. A greedy person is never be respected by the society, and at the end that person make his lifelikea hell.


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    • Rafia hassan profile image

      Rafia Hassan 2 years ago from Faisalabad

      Thank you Hajra, and it is a true story :)

    • hajra bajwa profile image

      Hajra Bajwa 2 years ago from Pakistan

      a very thought provoking story indeed..