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Benefits of learning Selenium

Updated on July 26, 2016

Selenium WebDriver was released for two simple reasons one was to become the standard webdriver used in all relevant programming languages and also gives the opportunity to create a domain language which is specified by developers.

Testers involved in scaling and distributing scripts over many environments will turn to Selenium WebDriver. If you are convinced and would like to learn Selenium WebDriver, there are some Selenium WebDriver Video Tutorials online to learn.

Benefits of Learning Selenium:

If you are looking to build a career in the testing industry Selenium must be one To automate web applications and browsers a testing tool called Selenium is used. It started in 2004 and since then it has been providing an open source technology which allows software testers to use a portable software testing framework.

Selenium testing tool is one of the leading testing tools that is free in the industry. As it is an open source software testers from all around the world can use and improve the code on a regular basis. It is available to use with all leading platforms like Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Also, works with web browsers like chrome and firefox.

There are some Selenium Training Video Tutorials online to understand the working of the tool. The benefits of learning Selenium will be discussed along with the understanding of Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is a part of Firefox web browser that allows you to record, enhance and create scripts.

Selenium IDE is also used to record the interaction with the browser and replay it. Selenese is the unique scripting language used by Selenium IDE to record scripts.

The language makes things easier for a tester to give commands to the browser, like clicking on a link or automating a browser to select an option. The commands can be used to retrieve data from other pages; they can also be quickly moved for editing there is also auto-completion support.

The scripts can get automatically recorded in Selenese. Creating tentative testing scripts and Bug reproduction scripts are the primary users of Selenium IDE.

The language used by Selenium IDE is Selenese it is very easy to learn and understand allowing anyone with basic information on web application testing able to learn Selenium IDE in no time.

Selenium WebDriver:

Unlike the previous versions of Selenium, webdriver does not have to run tests it can directly start a browser instance and control it. RC had a single host origin policy, but Selenium WebDriver is not like that.

It supports primary browsing platforms like Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, Android, etc. Another advancement in Selenium WebDriver is it does not require an individual server.

The Selenium grid can be used even when a test is being conducted on remote systems. Selenium WebDriver has the support of C#, Python, Ruby and Java of the tools you should be perfect. In the IT industry, it is required to learn as you are grown in this field if you are aiming at being prosperous.

For those web application testers who still use manual testing, Selenium is about to change your world drastically.

The main idea behind learning how to automate testing with Selenium is so that you can complete more work faster than compared to manual testing. This will expand your framework, and you will be able to take on more clients.

Selenium is the worldwide known automation testing tool, and the industries are adapting to it. So every software tester needs to have knowledge about the latest technology in the industry.

Finding a Selenium Training Tutorial is relatively easy, the internet is overflowing with tutors who teach the functioning of this automation tool. Being an open source Selenium makes it easier for anyone to pick up and learn the working of the tool.

Selenium WebDriver is a smart testing tool that supports all leading browsers, operating systems, and programming languages. It also can quickly run some tests at the same time saving your time. Selenium needs a few improvements to become a universally used testing tool. It is free, take advantage of it and get on with Selenium Training online.

Selenium is an open source which means it is robust in nature and has high learning capability. But not everyone can work on it; it is necessary to have basic knowledge of how programming languages work to be beneficial from Selenium Online Training.

As Selenium increases its fame, job opportunities are also increasing. There is a huge demand for Selenium testers in more and more companies every day. The internet has made things easier for everyone. All you have to do is sign up for an online Selenium Training Tutorial and watch videos that are provided by the site.

There are online courses that provide a real live project at the end of the course offering the students a chance to see, what working as a tester is like and how to work on your mistakes. If you would prefer not to be a part of an online course, there are several pre-recorded videos that you can watch and learn.

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