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Benefits to Staying in School

Updated on February 4, 2019
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Garrett is a freelance writer with experience including eBay, article, and blog writing.

What are the statistics?

Chances are that you or someone you know has dropped out of high school. While this may seem like a great idea because you have your life's plans together, the opposite is actually true. Despite common beliefs, high school will make your overall life much more easier than you'd imagine! According to Do, high school drop outs commit about 75 percent of crime. And on top of that, employment remains scarce. Finding a great job with a high school diploma is turning out to be hard enough. It's now recommended that you attain a bachelors degree if you plan on having a shot at a comfortable and enjoyable life. Now looking in terms of employment with no college or high school education, your chances are extremely slim for finding success.


Drop out salary

Dropping out and avoiding school can leave you with empty pockets and... Well, no home! The average high school drop out income is $20,240! Compare that to the national average of a high school graduate at $29,000! And a bachelors income at 52-61 thousand dollars! Dropping out leaves you with less money than is considered livable. Minimum wage for the rest of your life doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun.

What are the facts?

The truth here is simple, you can't earn an acceptable income and life with no diploma at all. While there are other options out there such as a mechanic or other trades, your best bet is to just graduate. According to, dropouts represent around half of those on welfare. On top of that, high school drop outs tend to live a shorter life then those who graduate. Most likely due to the insufficient pay checks and constant labor, it's only a matter of time before the everyday stress drop outs encounter begins to overwhelm them. To top it all off, drop outs are unable to work for 90% of employers! Let that sink in for a moment .

So is staying in school worth it?

On the flip side, maintaining grades high enough to obtain your diploma can prove vital in everyday life. Staying in school and graduating will ensure you have a stable fallback in terms of getting a job.

Moral reputation is at risk

Another con of leaving school permanently is that others will view you much differently. Many people view those who can't graduate with a more negative and downgrading view. Failing to graduate can bring dishonor to your family as well, and your friends who you are close with. But if stretches further than that! Coworkers and important figures in your life may look down on you.



Overall... Your path is your choice. And no one can stop you. But remember to take into consideration every detail that factors into whether or not you'll be able to survive and maintain a comfortable life.

© 2019 Garrett Jones


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