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Bermuda Triangle(The Graveyard Of The Atlantic)

Updated on June 3, 2009




                                                 BERMUDA TRIANGLE                                                         THE GRAVEYARD OF THE ATLANTIC

It was a pleasant and cool afternoon of dec. 1995, when a training unit of five U.S. Navy Torpedo Bombers started it’s journey from Florida in Flight 19. Fourteen passengers were on board. The squadron was on its way. The weather was calm and everything was perfect.  But all of a sudden the ship vanished after radioning a series of distress message. Explorers and navigators tried to solve this problem, but it was too complicated to solve. The ship which went in search of the missing aircraft also disappeared. Later the people were informed that the squadron had suddenly vanished as it had entered the Devil’s triangle, popularly known as the mysterious “Bermuda Triangle”.

Many other ships and aircraft had disappeared mysteriously. On the 15th of October 1976, a Panama ship was lost at sea in a gale in the area known as Bermuda Triangle. All 37 crewmen were presumed to be dead. Another disaster took place on march 8 1981. It was an Israeli Freighter that went down in the Atlantic Ocean off Bermuda and never returned. 24 crewmen were supposed to be dead. Another tragedy occurred on the 3rd of June 1984 when a fierce wind and huge waves of the Atlantic sank the 67 year old liner “Marquis” near the start of Bermuda. It sank in one minute and the 14 people on board were drowned.

Let’s know what the Bermuda Triangle is and what is its location.


Bermuda Triangle is a region located in the western Atlantic Ocean. This area has become famous due to its mysterious maritime disasters. This area is also known as the “Devil’s Triangle”. The region is spread on an area of 1,140,000 sq. kilometers. It is situated between the Island of Bermuda, the cost of southern Florida and Puerto Rico.



Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious of he world. It is an astonishing fact that ships and aeroplanes seem to disappear more often in this region as compared to other parts of the ocean. In the 1960’s the triangle was also known as the “Deathly Triangle” or the “Triangle of Death”. Many strange events have taken place which have puzzled the navigators and scientist. No scientific reason has revealed the cause of the disappearance of aeroplanes and ships which entered the Bermuda Triangle.

One of the astonishing events that happened on the triangle was the disappearance of the ship named “Which Craft” on 22nd Dec. 1987. Two men named Patrick Halgan and Dan Barrack left Miami in a sailboat which was known as “Witchcraft”. They were only going to cruise out a short way to take a breath of fresh air. Suddenly one of them stopped the sailboat at the harbor and sent a message that their sail boat hat hit something below. But he also signaled that although there was no emergency but still some help was needed to drag that boat on land, as the boat was not working properly. The help came within 19 minutes. But he people who came to help them saw that there was no sign of the sail boat on the sea. The astonishing thing was that on those 19 minutes, the people on board didn’t have any contact on the wireless. The problem still remains unsolved that what happened to boat and its passengers. It disappeared mysteriously in the Bermuda Triangle.



After deeply studying the Bermuda Triangle tragedies, the scientific and marine engineers have come to the conclusion that the disappearance of the ships and aircraft has occurred because there might be extra gravitational force in that area which pulled the unfortunate   vessels to the bottom of the earth in such a way that no clues of the ship or its passengers were left behind. Some other scientist are of the opinion that some supernatural forces might be exiting there which cause the disappearance of the vessels.

The Bermuda Triangle is undoubtedly a mystery which still remains unsolved. The question which arises regarding the Bermuda Triangle is “ Is this triangle really a graveyard located in the Atlantic”


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    • profile image

      Rose Paul 5 years ago

      "It was a pleasant and cool afternoon of dec. 1995, when a training unit of five U.S. Navy Torpedo Bombers started it’s journey from Florida in Flight 19."

      You mean in 1945. There were no guests as all 14 men were crew of the torpedo bombers. Four of the planes carried a full crew of 3 men and the other bomber carried 2. At the same time, a PBM Mariner flying boat was sent out to look for the squadron and all 13 crew on that plane was lost as well. Seeing as it was a boat as well as a plane, there really was no reason for the plane not to have landed in the water if it had run out of fuel as the AAF believed happened to the bombers. It was later assumed by "professional investigators" to have exploded in mid-air while searching for the flight.

      There have been other torpedo bombers found in the Triangle, supposedly dumped there as artificial reefs.

      BUT the true graveyard of the Atlantic is off of the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, north to the lower Virginia coast and south through Bull Island, South Carolina. There are hundreds of wrecks in that small area, ships from the 1500's through modern times, including 2, or is it 3, U-boats. Thanks to the Diamond Shoals, the Frying Pan Shoals, the Labrador current and the gulf stream, pirates, U-boats and hurricanes, the Outer Banks is the Atlantic's largest graveyard. Oh, and Nova Scotia has one, but it only has 300 ships to its credit.

      I live in Charleston, SC and we have the civil war submarine, H.L. Hunley getting conservation work.

    • profile image

      amita 6 years ago

      oh my god

    • profile image

      mudassir 6 years ago

      thank you


    • SHIPPY profile image

      SHIPPY 6 years ago from INDIA

      Good hub. Well informative.

    • profile image

      Audrianna 7 years ago

      Yeah Wat Is That.??