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Berserk Beginning

Updated on February 5, 2016

Fate or Faith

A stylized city:
A stylized city: | Source

Towards a Humane Humanity

Did evolution improve man, or were we some extraterrestrial Petri dish...a laboratory of DNA experiment to divine a biological soul? Lacking answers to the truly great questions, multiple PhD holders, Nobel Prize winners, and all beings with greatness attached struck out big time...all the bases loaded, a swing, and a miss; a portentous miss that cleared the stadium. Were we transplants? These are questions we ask, but the answers sift through our fingers; no one can say it was for lack of trying. Libraries contain endless tomes of speculation, epistemology and volumes of writing that all debate similar questions; identity, true place of origin and the real reason for that origin.

Birthright unknown, place of birth erased, reason for life withdrawn; we're a drop in the bucket of geological time, surrounded by infinity, promised eternity, yet given moral improbability plus a smattering of insecurity. With the greatest respect, postulating a divine creator is a concept that follows similar principles and becomes inexorably plausible; we want someone to have all the answers, a deity that holds the torch of truth and separates the chaff from the evil wheat. Forever a riddle hidden in an enigma, it situates our reality somewhere between the universal and the cosmological. Ultimately, with a supreme being manipulating our DNA, the alien concept is no different than suggesting aliens were the culprits. Anyone or anything not of this Earth is extraterrestrial; existing in His metaphorical Heaven, God is spirit, and therefore the greatest of all spirits; ergo, it behooves us to follow His advice and live according to His rules. If dreams are dimensions, it follows that thought is a facet of infinity...if there really is a knowledge repository out there, tapping into it requires a mind that exceeds the ties to this plane of existence. Following such a road, it seems life is multi-dimensional...that's why people see ghosts, feel supernatural activity and occasionally keep this ability well into adult life. Shamans, spirit guides, exorcists, fortune tellers...some are frauds, but some tap into the ethereal world beyond our normal senses. If we had more than 5 senses, we'd see what we can only suppose; magnetic lines of force exist, and on some special wavelength, they must be visible...beyond the narrow spectrum of light our eyes capture. Sine qua non...and always answer a question with another question, for that is our lot, our dreary talent for only seeing what lies ahead. Animals see certain wavelengths, hear sound above the standard register...just because we don't sense it doesn't mean it is not there. Sorry, a bit of a tangent there.

Our early history is so murky and convoluted our best attempts to imagine our beginnings are basically akin to dreaming; mysterious evidence of antediluvian man is beyond our ability to decipher, understand and place in context. If I had the factual reason for life, I doubt I would tell is our only quest, and possibly our only reason d'etre. For all we know, humanity is the fifth or sixth civilization to evolve on a planet that has been able to support life abundantly for untold millennium. Archaeological digging, unearthing the past; such a noble endeavor, but for whom are we searching? Astro-archaeology, diving universal repositories of knowledge, or rummaging around in a stranger's attic...dubious deeds, but occasionally successful endeavors...look at Nicholas Tesla...he wanted and saw free energy for the entire planet...sadly, the commerce of the times...the industrial Barons didn't see any profit in it so Wardenclyffe was shut down. Until our monetary greed is abolished, our fate and progress is centered around that almighty dollar. Love will find a way...the love of money must become the commerce of free love; until we help the world, the world will need help. Global consciousness is shared through our Internet, but you have to pay to be on line; a fitting tribute to open communication, life and free living space. A mountain we've yet to climb; a stumbling stone that trips us all, a barrier that erects borders, and a mentality that defends those borders with weapons of mass destruction. Forget the masses, they are mere cannon fodder. and like the blind of proverbs, we follow these blind leaders, and miss the abysmal cavern that yawns before us. The journey of the first step is still waiting for that first step in the right direction. When someone has an epiphany, it's like a eureka moment; understanding pours through us, and we often wonder why we had been so ignorant. Our race has had time to mature, but we are still one step beyond our cave-dwelling ancestors.

Historical discoveries like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey were carbon-dated to prove man knew how to manipulate stone in 13,000 B.C.; experts...the mavens of meaning, taught we were still living in caves and unable to perform complex architectural planning and building at this time. They taught we’d just survived an ice-age; hence we were only hunter-gatherers unable to carve megalithic wonders more complex than Stonehenge…it was a rude awakening for archaeologists, as this time they couldn’t hide the evidence in some museum basement…the destination for every other artifact that didn’t conform to their simplistic little time-line. When humanity is open-minded enough to embrace any hypothesis about our origins, our race may finally be ready to learn the truth of our true history. Like the world wide pyramid grid that produced Earth energy...the stones of Giza still emit a few volts, but the science behind this is kept from us by big oil, or too basic to uncover by our scientific elite. Until then, fairy-tales, myths and prefabricated suggestions by over-bearing and self-important authorities that believe they know what’s best for our consumption. Whatever it is they’re trying to sell, it has nothing to do with the truth. Even the least educated man on our planet has a better understanding of what truly might have been…sadly, whenever aliens or superior races are mentioned, academia shuts the door and sticks its collective head back in the sand. Sad, but unfortunately true. Trust, but cut the deck.

Throughout recorded history, certain men improved their situations, duped gullible populations and created the whole notion of an elite leadership, a special and private spiritual link to God, plus other self-serving notions that created the caste system, and fortuitously placed them at the top. Hazarding a wild guess, I'd say these people already had the power and the money...they only had to sell the whole divine right of kings to a desperate population. The Hapsbergs, the Romanov's, and the papal elite sold a bill of goods that even they were surprised worked out so well. I've heard many quotes from 11th century popes, and they weren't thinking about being good Christians. Leo X proposed a toast at a large gathering, saying "what a profitable fable this whole religion has been for us..." Shocking, but true; many wrote down what he said and stuck it in the Catholic Encyclopedia. As then, as now; the rich prosper off the labors of the poor...a vicious cycle that needs a rethink if we are ever to consider ourselves truly enlightened.

It could be explained by examining the writings of Jean Jacques Rousseau or Thomas Hobbs; basic society could have evolved from their hypothetical state of nature; a war of all against all. Warriors ruled by taking what they wanted from the weak. Primal, naturalistic laws produced opportunities for whomever was bold enough to act upon their concepts, and smart enough to convince everyone else that this was a good system of government. Perhaps they argued someone needed to be in charge, and they were fortunate enough to be there to offer their services.

Regardless, men banded together for protection against raiders, protect their houses and agriculture and provide a modicum of security. The Vikings were quite adept at exploiting these arrangements; consequently, a town or village would collect all their gold, and hope it was enough to deter the Vikings from unleashing their berserkers. Fearsome, extremely bloodthirsty, these were not the sort of men you wanted to unleash upon your primitive society. Anyway, these early groups needed someone to lead them, so they elected a chief, someone that could settle disputes and offer guidance. Early chieftains were selected for their wisdom and judgment. As these burgeoning societies developed, people began to see the wisdom behind certain positions, and the most sought after position was the chief.

Soon the notion of holding on to power brought about the creation of Kings, and royal lineages that would automatically replace the King when the King died or fell in battle. It didn’t take too long before ungrateful heirs, the King’s loving son or daughter, realized they would have all the money and power of the King if he were to conveniently die. Patricide, or Regicide soon became commonplace, and the once noble idea of electing a chief was replaced by a line of royal blood that automatically became King, no matter how inept or foolish they were. After the Egyptians and Romans paved the way for royalty, the opportunistic rulers told the uneducated masses that their right to rule came directly from God. The Divine Right of Kings was now established.

At this point in history, a lot of people realized that the common people could and would pay part of their wages for services they believed they needed. Everyone knew they needed a government, someone to organize and maintain an army and police force to provide protection, so the clever ones looked around and discovered new ways to make them indispensable. Using the benevolent message of Jesus Christ, a select group of “self-elected” men of God, followed the bible, but interpreted it for their own gain. Thus, the Catholic Church was formed, and it was a source of immense wealth and power. With so many people hearing the words of Christ, the early church was able to exploit that devotion and became just as rich as the King. With the power and money they could generate, the Kings of the time became worried and made many agreements with the early Church, otherwise they would have used the strongest diplomacy of the day, order their well-paid and loyal armies to quash the upstart Church and take over the dispensation of the holy rites for themselves. At the time, knowledge was power, and the bible was deliberately written in Latin, the language of scholars, not the common tongue that would allow everyone to benefit from the guidance of God’s word. A deal was struck, an arrangement that was so lucrative to both sides it still exists in one-way or another. The early Church was run like a business; anything that would bring in more money was seen as will of God. Holy relics were hot sellers, but the biggest moneymakers were dispensations. For a hefty fee, a high-ranking Church official would say a few words of Latin, ostensibly letting the ignorant purchaser believe he was able to “buy” his way into heaven.

There was so much misuse, deception, mendacity and manipulation by both institutions, the word corrupt doesn’t cover the multitude of sin exercised by the very institution that founded its existence on the word of God. Today’s Church has cleaned up its act somewhat, but the Holy See, or Vatican, considered a separate state with the Pope as the King, has so much hidden wealth that outsiders could only guess as to how much money they really have. Considering the Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo, it would be a safe bet to surmise that they have a collection of rare art and priceless antiquities dating back two thousand years.

When Christ said, “take up you staff and follow me”, he meant that nothing on earth has any lasting value, and the only things we need while we are learning about God are food and clothing. Even those would be provided for, as with God, all things are possible. When a Church that claims their mandate comes from the Apostle Paul, can hoard priceless jewelry and other items of immense value, it is apparent that they are in this business for themselves, and not for the needy and starving children of God that are living in appalling squalor. How can a Bishop justify wearing silk robes worth thousands of dollars, opulently decorate his personage with a cross of pure gold and precious stones, while preaching about the Good Samaritan, the Golden Rule and the Beatitudes. I hear nothing but hypocrisy, see nothing but decadence, but know in my heart that if the small collection of personal goods I’ve acquired over the years could help a starving family, I would obey the moral imperative and try and help that family as much as I could.

We are taught to look up to our religious rulers, for that has been hammered into our heads since the creation of the church. Several Saints saw the great divide between the rich and the poor, and knowing they could never change things, they would atone for the sins of others by performing penance and electing to endure poverty. Sadly, there were far too few of these great humanitarians.

Christ told us many things; everything he told us is the truth, for He was unable to lie. He couched His words in parables, lest we turn, and He would heal us; He tried to teach us Earthly wisdom, yet some questioned Heavenly knowledge. Christ wisely said if Earthly wisdom was beyond us or not to be believed, how then could we ever grasp Heavenly secrets. Atlantis, the Olmecs, the Vedas, along with Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punku, the Carnac stones and the blocks of Baalbek still defy historians and architects; we are unable to re-create what seemed to ancient man simple and easy to build. How did the Egyptians light underground passages that show no evidence of torches or fire; alien satellites tumbling in space, the missing Sandy Island problem, Admiral Piri Reis's map of Antarctica without ice, the Fuente Magna bowl...cuneiform writing in Peru? These mysteries are the tip of a very large iceberg, and without disclosure by the wardens of wisdom, they remain as secret as the Voynich Manuscript. Our future is mired in the past: to move forward, we must learn where we have been, or our civilization will blithely stumble along, rolling stones up hills like Sysiphus...up and down, totally bereft of understanding, unaware of the reason behind this massive stage we call life. We remain mere shadows of actors playing unknown parts...people trying to discern life like Plato's captives in the Republic...chained to roles we cannot fathom, trapped in tasks we innately detest. Why...what are we, mere grist for the mill of the Illuminati...the pinnacles in this personal prison. Convinced they know what is truly beyond our limits...the shapes that form the dreary outlines caught in the mists of time. What is the missing data...the comments Neil Armstrong made when on the Moon? Conspiracy theorists scream about government plots to hold the truth from our The poor will always be with us, for the greedy will always be with us and horde an enormously excessive share of the world’s wealth, just so they can say they are rich. Truth is something we can only find inside; hiding past sins highlights the original arrogance that is now our lot in life.

Jesus gave us pearls of wisdom. Almost too much for our small, commercially brainwashed brains to absorb. He mentioned, “You arrive into this world with nothing; with nothing you shall leave. Only the good works you performed accumulate as wealth in Heaven. Without that, you are beyond penniless; you are a selfish person, without consideration for the poor souls you left behind. Poor souls you could have helped by just buying them dinner or a new pair of shoes. Is that a concept that is impossible to understand?

He who helps others helps himself. Look outside yourself to see what you can do for someone else. God will always look after you. Inward joy is a gift; return the gift and you will feel the rewards.

Let faith guide your steps; walk with faith not your eyes, and let your heart prove what is good, what is right, and what is true. We all know good from evil; philosophers debate this constantly, and summarized this concept in a pithy form: the moral imperative of Emmanuel Kant, a respected thinker or dreamer. Hegel gave us his great dialectic; Nietzsche announced God is dead; Descartes declared I think, therefore I am. Today, we doubt, therefore we are utterly confused. Philosophy is the speculative residue of knowledge...the idea of science rather than pure science. Their task is to speculate; empirical science is where the work is done.

Giving is receiving; greed has a way of controlling things so you only get more; after time, the possessions that once seemed so important are taken at death, and your spiritual life is bereft of meaning, for you did not give, love or contribute to your fellow man, or help someone who was in dire need. You stand before your creator...naked and racked by shame; hoping for mercy, you recall your negative response when a similar request was made to you...sending a pink slip only compounded the poor man and drove him to suicide. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God; our experiences in this dimension should awaken that spark of the divine...willingly ignoring it only heaps coals and guilt upon a craven maven. A simple fisherman or common laborer has a much better position in this case...something often recognized too late.

Surrender your will to God; God will shower you with joy, embrace you with love and accept the love you have for Him. In the grand scheme of things, we know nothing; acting upon a feeling of joy that floods your system from a good deed is sometimes the only clue that shows you a good life is preferable than a rich and pampered life. Be someone, help someone; recognize that today and you may have a chance. The Nephilim were wiped out for wickedness and evil...Gobekli Tepe showed the ingenuity of man in 12,500 B.C., and pyramids tapped into Earth magnetodynamism that eludes science today. We need to grow, to learn, and most of all, we need to be humble. Ultimately, all we are will be dust in the wind.

Jacob's Ladder

An abstract: of unknown proportions, for it is measured within, a never ending onion of opinion.
An abstract: of unknown proportions, for it is measured within, a never ending onion of opinion. | Source


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