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Beryl Beautitul, One Of The Twelve Stones of Aaron's Breastplate

Updated on May 1, 2014

Beryl, nicknamed the mother of all gems stones, is a composite of beryllium aluminum silicate. These stones are transparent to translucent and can be found in colors of bright green, blue, greenish blue, yellow, red, pink, white and in its purest form, colorless. This magical and talented stone is found throughout history from the Bible to the Egyptians to the mythical Arabian thieves and pirates treasures. This is one of the beautiful gems that were placed upon the breastplate of Aaron in two spots! One place it is the yellow color of the sun and another it is the dark green we know as emerald.

These precious gems have been mined all over the world from New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota and California in the States, and places like Brazil, Columbia, Africa, Russia, Pakistan and Madagascar, to name a few. The origin of the word beryl more than likely is from Greek word Berrullos, meaning crystal or precious blue green color.

The most popular varieties of this glass like rock is the aquamarine, green emerald and the red emerald. In the aquamarine, this gem is given for the 16th and 19th anniversary and is held as the birthstone for the month of March. This one can be a pale blue to blue green to teal. Wearing this color will endow one with foresight, courage, and happiness. It is also excellent stone for treating of anxiety and been known to the ancients to reduce the effects of poison as well as eye diseases and disorders of the heart and spine. This was a favorite gem for sailors to carry to avoid seasickness.


Out of these three popular colors, the emerald green is the favorite. Emerald is known as the May’s birthstone and belongs as a stone sign for Taurus and Cancer, and in some cases, Gemini. This stone is also commemorates the anniversary of the 20th and 35th year. In South America, the aboriginal peoples call this a holy stone. It was also highly held by the Egyptians. This gem is for promoting good luck and ones well being. We also know this stone from great literary works such as “Wizard Of Oz” and the great Emerald City.

The red emerald is relatively new on the gem scene. In 1917 this color of beryl was discovered and is often confused with the sapphire ruby. It is known as bixbite in the beryl class. This is the smallest of all beryl stones.

Another recently founded stone of the beryl family is Morganite, named after J.P. Morgan. This stone is an awesome pink. JP was so enthralled with this beauty that he created a museum for these geological rocks. This pink gem is said to open up communications between lovers and brings wisdom and ancient memories to the wearer. It aids in bringing down high emotions creating less strain on the heart. This has become known as the stone of love.

Helidor is the golden color beryl gem. Ancients considered it a gift from the sun. As a clear yellow stone, beryl is the birthstone of Scorpio and a talismanic stone for the Sagittarian. This stone will increase creativity and innovative thinking. It is the stone of joy and optimism. This stone is effective in opening up the crown chakra and promotes healing in the liver, spleen and pancreas.

The clear or colorless beryl is the purest form and known as goshenite. This became an excellent stone for meditation and animals were carved out of the colorless stone to carry for bringing about new friendships and rediscovering old ones. During the middle ages, this beryl was used for eyeglasses and thought to increase sight, perception and clarity. In Ireland, this clear like glass was used as a divining tool such as a clear plate or glass ball. All in all the colorless stone will harmonize the body functions and bring into balance.

Any color beryl is used successfully at the base Chakra, however can be used on all the Chakras points opening up any issue that relates to those points on both the physical and spiritual level. These are good stones for meditating when dealing with sexual abuse or healing after childbirth and aiding the reproductive organs.

Whenever you see different clear color gems, you can bet it probably belongs to the beryl family. With the rainbow colors available it is no surprise this is the mother of all gems…beryl beautiful. Proud stone to grace the breastplate of Aaron.


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    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Another good and interresting article. Thanks!

    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Thank you Kathy....and Rev. My list of stones that I will be covering is from the NIV.

    • kathyjones1952@at profile image

      kathyjones1952@at 5 years ago from Jasper, Alabama

      This is very interesting, Backporches! I've always been confused about the color of beryl and this clears it up! Beryl is also mentioned in Rev. 21;20 in describing the eighth foundation of the New Jerusalem.


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