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Best Apps For College Students

Updated on November 10, 2014

Google Drive

If you have a Google account, you have the ability to store all sorts of files using Google Drive. By downloading the Google Drive app, there's no need to keep track of any pesky flash drives. All personal files can be right at your finger tips, making them even more accessible to be created, shared, and edited. And with over 15GB of storage, there's plenty of space to keep track of your papers and presentations.


Not interested in creating a Google account? Dropbox is slightly similar to Google Drive, with the same basic concept in mind: a place to easily store and share files and keep them constantly at your fingertips. No need to frantically search through files on your computer for that midterm paper you were working on last week or trying to remember to email yourself a file in order to print it elsewhere, with Dropbox you can store everything in one place and never worry about losing track of files again.

Inside the myHomework app
Inside the myHomework app


Ever get that dreaded sense of being overwhelmed as the professor hands out a pages-long syllabus the first day of class? Paranoid over losing track of all the deadlines now getting thrown at you? The myHomework app helps keeping track of all your class deadlines a breeze by keeping them all in one convenient place.


Falling behind in your quiz-taking skills? Need to learn a bunch of terms fast? StudyBlue is a user-friendly studying app which allows students to create their own flashcards and study right from their handheld device. As you grasp the terms, the app can filter out the cards you're getting the hang of, making sure you really learn everything needed!


College marks a time where many go off on their own and begin managing their own lives and finances. Mint is a safe, free app which help make the latter part a little bit easier. Simply link your bank account and let the app track your spending habits in order to create a feasible budget and, in the end, learn to save money. In college, every penny counts!

Lose It!

If you're afraid of the dreaded "Freshman 15," this app helps keep those unwanted pounds and unhealthy eating habits at bay. Keep track of your total calories consumed and add in any exercise you've done, and Lose It! will keep track of your net calories in order to prevent both over-eating and under-eating. Stay healthy and fit while you're away at college!

How to use some of these apps, plus a few others!


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