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Free Educational Websites For Elementary Students

Updated on September 30, 2015


This educational website brings together math and the language arts, plus assists with developing computer skills. There are many different lessons that are tailored for children from kindergarten up to fifth grade. For those who need a little more practice, this is the perfect website to develop better math and language skills. You can find plenty of lessons including word clouds, spelling challenges, telling time, fractions and more.

Cool Tools

This is a wiki site that offers plenty of web tools for students and teachers alike. You’ll find plenty of graphing, mapping, video, writing, music and other challenges on this website. Simple to navigate and easy to use, this is one of the better math websites elementary students can enjoy as well. There are flashcards, web quests and other challenges that will help children learn grow and know.


This is one of the best educational websites elementary school students will enjoy as it is categorized by subject area and grade level. There are interactive learning videos that allow children to practice inside the production. This allows for great creativity and expression as the interactive white board lets them erase and start all over again if they so desire. Each of the courses will state the appropriate age level for the student, the website is geared towards students up to a sixth grade level.


Here, you’ll find an multi-media environment where students and teachers can share information that goes outside their normal classroom studies. Pictures, images, music, video and text are all part of this website where students can express themselves about the various projects created and assigned at the beginning of the year. Teachers have control over the content and who has access, but the students can find sources for their educational learning and personal development.

International Children’s Library

This is a multicultural library in digital format where students can read books online in up to 19 different languages. This means that the website is used by children all around the world. Teachers and children can search for specific titles in categories that search by the topic, color of the cover, length of the book, age level, award winning selections and those that have been recently added. The books themselves are designed to be read by elementary school children as they offer wonderful images and pictures to help pull them into the story. This is another one of the better reading websites elementary students will enjoy as they can share opinions while reading the stories that they love. Their are books about kids character's, real animal character's, imaginary creative characters, picture as well as chapter books. This site promotes tolerance and respect for diverse culture's.

There are plenty of free educational websites for elementary students that will help them develop their motor skills and reaction time as well as learning about new subjects. As a parent, or guardian you’ll want to review all the sites first so that you can see what your child. grandchild, relative or student will be experiencing. However, I believe they will truly enjoy the some of these activities and the journey they will take. The learning, the looking, the listening, the doing and understanding should create lasting memories.

My Story Maker

Here, kids can actually make up their own stories in a digital format. They can choose the setting, characters and the topic of their stories which will enhance their creativity. Plus, the children can make whatever changes they see fit from adding new characters to the little details that they enjoy. The students can then preview their stories before printing and sharing them with others. In terms of sheer creativity, there are few free educational websites for elementary students that allow this kind self expression. The entire class can contribute as well, creating a single story from all of their contributions, ideas and imagination.


Formed by the National Center for Family Literacy, this website offers many different programs for children who are curious about the world around us. Teachers can create a “Wonder of the Day” post and students can ask questions that they are curious about. Plus, teachers and parents can use the online support network so that they can ask questions, share ideas and communicate in an open, free forum.

Do your children or grandchildren use educational websites?

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    • Lareene profile image

      Lareene 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks I appreciate your comments.

    • Lareene profile image

      Lareene 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you Penelope.

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      Kai Alabi 2 years ago from Washington, DC

      Great hub for families and children. I found this informative and engaging.