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Best Metal Detecting Sites

Updated on September 25, 2013

Introduction to Metal Detecting

Using the best metal detector to explore and search for buried treasure can be incredibly exciting, but the only way to find those rings, watches and valuables is to search in the areas where people have gone before. This doesn’t mean that you have to go to places where people work and play now, as it can also be locations that might not be in use now, but which was a place of heavy foot traffic in years gone by.

Wherever there are places where people congregate there are lost items just waiting to be found. Many people are completely unaware that they lost a valuable item until long after they have left that spot, meaning it will stay there until someone else stumbles across it. There are still plenty of valuable items out there just waiting to be found, but you have to know where to look. Here are a few ideas:

Metal Detecting on the Beach
Metal Detecting on the Beach

Old Railway Lines

Travel by rail might be a form of transport that is going out of style, which means that there are plenty of old railroad lines crisscrossing the country. Some of those lines may have been converted to hiking trails, while others are overgrown and only visible on old maps of the area. With the latter group of lines, you need to make sure that you have permission to go searching there, as they may now sit on private land. Once that permission has been granted, you will find that railways lines and the old stations that sit along them are home to some real treasures. The one place you should steer clear of is active railroad lines. Not only are they dangerous places to be, you may also be viewed upon as an intruder, putting you on the wrong side of the law. It is imperative that you protect your own safety, as well as that of others, when using the best metal detector on railway lines.

Rivers and Other Bodies of Water

It wasn’t so very long ago that rivers and other waterways connected all the major towns and cities across North America. Communities were built up alongside the water, with residents using these watery paths for transport and trade. You will be amazed at the items you can find along well-traveled water routes, with everything from old coins to native trinkets and firearms just waiting to be unearthed by your metal detector. As long as it is safe to do so, and assuming you have a waterproof metal detector, head out into the shallow parts of the water, as this is often where some of the real treasure ends up being buried.

Metal Detecting in an Old Swimming Hole

Schools and Churches

Schools are an area that many people with metal detectors often forget about. This is a big omission, as school grounds are often a great place to find coins, cheaper jewelry, die cast cars and a host of other toys that can end up being worth some money. Kids are always dropping and losing things, leaving a veritable treasure trove behind for others to find.

The grounds that churches are built upon are sacred spaces that have been there for centuries. Some churches have been around that long, standing the test of time, but even the newer ones are usually erected in the same spot as where the old one once stood. The relics that are left behind may remain forever hidden if it were not for those folks that love to go searching for treasure with their metal detectors.

Wooded Areas

Wooded areas can yield some great treasures if you know what you are looking for. Old abandoned trails are a great place to start, as are paths that farmers use to lead cattle herds or to move equipment from one place to another.

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