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Best Nanotechnology Masters Programs in UK | Universities in United Kingdom

Updated on May 13, 2012
London | Source

Choosing from the best ranked Universities in UK

If you are researching on where to do your masters in Nanotechnology in UK, this article might help you land into one of the best nanotechnology lecture halls in UK this year. Compiled here are the top ranked institutions in UK that provide masters in Nanotechnology. This collection was skimmed from months of online research and direct discussions with education consultancies for studies in UK. Anyone who would want to do their masters in such a brilliant field of science would want it done at the best universities. Hence, the list is not sorted by tuition fee but the university’s rank in UK ( rankings are based on The Guardian’s publication).

University of Cambridge (University Rank No : 1)

Course : MPhil in Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise
Duration : 10 months

The course follows a modular structure and includes electives from several field of studies. The modules contain a comprehensive coverage of innovation and enterprise management besides delving deep into the strands of nanotechnology. There is an aggregate of around 16 hours of lecture to complete each module.

Research In Nanotechnology
Research In Nanotechnology | Source

Oxford university (University Rank No : 2)

Course: Postgraduate Certificate in Nanotechnology - Online (partime)
Duration : One year

This course is a great option if you want to pursue learning nanotechnology online. This program is a part of Oxford’s continuing education system. The course comprises of three modules about nanotechnology. The entire curriculum is presented in a student-centric, easy to understand model and is done completely online.

Imperial College London (University Rank No : 3)

Course: MRes in Nanomaterials
Duration: 1 year

Imperial College of London provides expert interdisciplinary teaching and cutting edge technology to train the next generation of nanotechnologists. Willingness to work in interdisciplinary subjects and academic excellence are expected from the applicants. They provide students with the best laboratories in the country and assign them to work on a major, year long project for the entire period of the course.

University College London ( University Rank No: 5)

Course : MSc in Nanotechnology
Duration : 1 year

MSc in Nanotechnology from UCL are open for students from relevant science background and those aspire to work as academic researchers, industrial researchers or technical managers in Nanotechnology. The highlight of this program is that it’s done in association with the London Center for Nanotechnology. The course content consist of 60% taught subject and 40% research projects.

University of Sheffield ( Rank : 18) with University of Leeds ( Rank : 27)

Courses :

  • MSc in Nanoelectronics and Nanomechanics
  • MSc in Nanomaterials for Nanoengineering
  • MSc in Nanoscale Science and Technology

Duration : 1 year

These absolutely are unique courses in UK and the best ones if you are looking for high quality and affordable masters on nanotechnology in UK. These three courses are operated together by University of Sheffield and University of Leeds. The students get to study at both campuses for the modules they choose. These are the first universities to have their own textbook for nanotechnology. The combined education from both the universities help students to get and exposure on nanotechnology from every angle. They even operate and exclusive portal for communication, research and publication of nanotechnology related explorations ( ) together. Each of these three courses specialize deeply to different branches of nanoscience relevant today.

After Masters - Job Prospects of Nanotechnology Fom UK

Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary subjects and finds profound applications in many sectors such as medicines, technology and manufacturing industry. Students can find opportunities at research and development firms, innovative product manufacturing and advanced medical explorations.

Nanotechnology from UK - The cost is worth it?

Nanotechnology is rapidly growing worldwide. UK is definitely on of the top notch global destination for a Master degree in Nanotechnology. The expense of studying pays off for the quality of education provided at these world-class universities. To sit for a lecture at one of these universities is every scholar’s dream.


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