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Best PTO secret ever!

Updated on December 25, 2015

No more candy bars and wrapping paper

I have been a member of my children's school pto for 4 year's now. I have been president 2 of those years. It's hard getting parents involved, getting them to come to meetings, share suggestions, and don't get me started on the fundraising.

If you sale flowers they wish you sold popcorn. If you sale magazine's they wished you offered candy bars. You can't win sometimes. So I went on a search for something that would be quick, easy, and free. I found it!!! SHOPAROO!!!!

It's a FREE app parent's, grandparents, aunts, uncle's, neighbors, ok so you get it. :) Anyone with a phone or tablet that you can download an app to can sign up. They can earn you a bonus of points even if the donate to a different school.

Shoparoo is as easy as taking a picture. When you sign-up you select the school that you want the money to go to. You can sign-up with any name you want or use a nickname.

When you sign up you receive a refer friends code, mine is pond7963. (Please use it when you sign up.) The code you can share on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or text message. Best part is you can donate to the school of your choice.

Just for signing up with the referral code you earn a bonus of points and the person's code you used will earn a bonus. You can bonus up to 10 times. Use the app 5 week's in a row and you earn 5 extra points for each receipt.

Any receipt counts! Fast food, dinning, retail, department stores-you name it. Some receipts give you points based on the amount spent. Some receipts you earn an entry into a drawing for bonus points or money. There are monthly and yearly sweepstakes. Follow them on facebook for extra ways to earn points.

To drive involvement you can have contest against classes. It breaks down for you by grade. Or the parent who earns the most one month you can reward. Shoparoo tracks it all!

You have 14 days from the date of your purchase to upload the receipt. If the receipt is long just take multiple pictures. The app shows you how to take the photo. Sometimes based on what you purchase you can do a survey for bonus points.

The first year we used it we received a check for over $300. Best part of all, if your trying to return an item and you don't have the receipt just pull it up on Shoparoo, I've done it many times.

Pto doesn't have to track a thing and every August Shoparoo automatically sends your school a check. If this doesn't get parents involved, nothing will. It's easy, free and it's free money, what's better than that!


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