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Best Schools of Clifton Karachi

Updated on April 16, 2012

Education is one of the important factors and essential right of person in this world. People where education is free of cost considered to be luckiest places on earth. Developed countries have worked hard to develop their roots with help of their education system. United States, Canada, The Great Britain, Australia and now Malaysia enjoys being top in the list for best schooling systems in the world. Students from all around the world seek admissions in schools internationally.

Quality of education is also one of the important factors. Latest, up-to-date curriculum for advanced teaching standard makes education more credible. Developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan are working on their education system to produce well learned pupils with talents to prosper their nations in future.

Today we are listing some best schools of Clifton, Karachi. Clifton is a suburb of Karachi situated near to the Indian Ocean.


Clifton Montessori Grade School

It is one of the best Montessori schools of Clifton, Karachi. Where they offer advanced learning for kids up to the level of Montessori. This school also provides learning chances for fresh young teachers. Educational graduates who are looking forward with a career in Montessori teaching could also get benefit from this Montessori school. It seems one of the best places to get admission in Montessori training in Karachi.

Address: Plot No: C87, Block 2, Clifton, Karachi

Pathways British School, Clifton

Teachers at Pathways British School are quite advanced comparative to their competitors around in the area. They aim to provide excellence in education up to Metric Level. Students are taught with discipline which is reflected in their behaviors in home. Profiles of teachers are also very extensive with B.Ed degrees from U.K. They aim to inspire and support each individual student within a same setting of learning by providing secure and friendly environment.

Address: (D - 77 / Block 2, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan)

Clifton High School and College for Women

It is dedicated to Women Education. They induct only female students from primary level up to high school levels. They rely on interactive mode of education by providing the lectures via multimedia. They also offer A Levels and O levels couching courses at Clifton area. You will not find co-education system in Clifton High School and College for Women. College provides higher studies for female students. Teachers inducted in this school are also only women which provide an aide to those who don’t feel comfortable for their girls in coeducation system.

Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School (CGJSS)

CGJSS Clifton Grammar Junior and Senior School Clifton Branch provide a quality in advance learning. This school was founded by in 1982 by Mrs. Rehana, an educationist. IT was one of its kind schooling system setup in DHA, Karachi. People have seen this school getting advanced on latest trends being followed. This school provides schooling from junior level to senior levels. It also offers A Level and O level teaching courses.

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The Intellect School

Being a new schooling setup it is not well known up to know. Their students in recent times have increased due to quality of education. Most of their pupils belong to the parents of high class or elite class. Quality of education rated here in this school is well appreciated. Individual guidance is the main core of this school where each student has more attention of its fellow teacher.

Address: Block 1, Clifton Karachi

Avicenna School, Clifton

Avicenna School is built on modern education system. Students are provided with full educational support for O levels and A Levels. Aside from the traditional courses they also teach latest educational changes to their students. Boys and Girls are often kept busy with creative assignments, which help them learn more and more. They have produced some big names in education.

Happy Home High School, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Clifton

Happy Home High School Clifton Branch is their first campus. Some Christian teachers with solid educational backgrounds have built this school. They have two branches first campus at Clifton and Second at Gulshan-e-Iqbal. They teach O Levels and A levels to their students. Teachers are highly qualified with well accent spoken English and written English. They often hold essay, speech competitions.

Saint Peter's High School, Clifton and Muslimabad

Clifton Branch of Saint Peter’s High School is among the best schooling system. Their educational ratings are quite high. Their students rank quite well in final examinations. Students have won some big educational awards outside the school. They offer schooling from primary to high school. They also offer teachings for O level and A Level couching. Special couching classes are also available.

Indus Academy, Clifton

Education is the best tool for personal development. This is what they believe to offer each student. Though they have some high tuition fees for local students, but they offer some quality educational services. They induct students from primary level to high levels. Some students have also excelled in getting good grades in A levels and O level courses.

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