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Best chemistry websites for students

Updated on February 9, 2016

Websites about chemistry

When learning chemistry having access to other studying material is really useful. Reading about some subject in a different textbook can in many cases be an eye opener as people learn by different means. There are also people that simply cannot learn from reading and were having access to quality tutoring videos is a real help.

There are also websites that offer supporting material for free and also websites and forums where students and teachers can ask chemistry related questions and get good answers.


Websites were you can learn chemistry for free

Here is a list of chemistry websites for students that are learning chemistry both in high school and university level. There are sites that offer videos, online textbooks and supplemental material that comes in handy.

  • Khan Academy is a site that has videos, examples and supporting material to help students learn the basics of chemistry. On the site there are videos that explain the basic concepts of chemistry which are organised by subject. This approach is great for people that have a hard time studying by reading and the benefits of videos over a tutor is that you can watch the video wherever you are and pause and rewind at will. There are also a simple skill checks on the website where you can test your skills on each tier. The skill check is set up as a simple game, were you earn points for each successful skill check.
  • Chemtutor is a website that has an extensive collection of chemistry text and images to browse which is suitable for high-school or college students and teachers. The material on the website is organized by subjects in a simple matter. And while the site is really simple it does the job. Using this site in conjunction with Khan Academy is a great way to learn chemistry outside the classroom.
  • If you want to learn a bit more advanced chemistry then Chemwiki is a good site. It's not perfect but it has a very good amount of chemistry information which is mostly at university level. Like the other websites the material is arranged after subject matters much like a textbook.

Can you learn chemistry on Youtube?

It should not be too surprising but Youtube is a great place for chemistry students. If you can withstand the temptation of funny cat videos you can find an enormous amount of funny, entertaining, and instructional videos.

An example of an instructional video is below. This is a simple video that shows how to find the molar mass of a compound, it has the familiar look of a tutor writing on a whiteboard and explaining as he goes along. Many more such videos can be found on youtube.

How to find the molar mass of a compound

Webpages with supporting chemistry material

  • The periodic table is the most used tool of a chemist. This periodic table is dynamic and contains a wealth of information regarding the elements. Besides the usual stuff found in a periodic table this one contains for example the ratio and mass of every stable isotope known, you can find what compounds different elements form, there is an extensive collection of basic properties and so forth. So if you are either studying or teaching chemistry this website is a must.
  • The NIST chemistry webbook is a standard reference database with a wealth of information on atoms and molecules, ranging from ionization energies to molecular weight. The webpage is simple to use as you just need to write the chemical formula and click on the desired information and then press search. The information here is mostly aimed at a more advanced chemistry curriculum.

Colorful test tubes.
Colorful test tubes. | Source

Webpages where you can ask questions related to chemistry

  • The chemistry subreddit on Reddit is a great place to ask questions related to chemistry. You can usually get good detailed answers from the great crowd of people that hang in that subreddit. And if you are in need of assistance with homework then Chemhelp is were you will get it. Just be sure to follow the posting guidelines set out by the moderators.
  • And then we have Chemical Forum. A forum for all things chemical, be it high school or university, physical, organic or inorganic chemistry, it is all here.

© 2016 Levictus Marcus Saarith

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