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Best legal databases (for lawyers and students)

Updated on June 5, 2011

As a law student, i have to read lots of books, articles, monograms and other literature. And you study law to, you know how it is sometimes hard to find information you need for the concrete topic. So I thought it would be a good idea to share all the sources I use to study law and find other useful information on topics related to law.

Because I live and study in Lithuania this article won’t be long. I’m only giving you a short list of best legal databases around.

So these are few very useful databases:

Trans lex contains many domestic statutes, international conventions, model laws restatements and other information. There are many possible searching features like searching by language, text type or database.

The UK statute law database. This is officially revised edition of primary legislation of the UK. The search can be made by many different criteria like title, exact year or year range, act number, legislation type, geographical extent and more.

Find law. This website/database contains many cases, contracts, codes and articles related to US jurisdiction. It also provides news about law, has search engine on blogs related to law. What’s probably the best, that it offers you a search engine to find yourself a job. Any American law student should use it. It also gives a chance to search for a nearby lawyer that may be useful too.

Law library of Congress is also very powerful database of US Congress.

Lithuanian Parliaments database has english interface, but search and results are in Lithuanian. So it's worthless if you don't read Lithuanian.


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