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Better ways of teaching Mathematics to the Students at primary level

Updated on October 30, 2016

Teaching of Mathematics


Teaching of Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject with its own dignity and pride. Mathematics has a strong position in all fields of science and technology. With its greater importance, we insisted on learning mathematics from our childhood to still. Lack of mathematical knowledge and skill could not make a man to progress in life since it is required in our day to day life. So, world is eagerly waiting for more inventions in mathematics for the improvement of mankind. But where the inventions can be produced? The only possibility of such inventions are from mathematicians.Really, we can say Mathematicians rule the world with their immense inventions. Who have a responsibility of giving such mathematicians? Of-course teacher has an important role in creating a mathematician. But now teachers are producing students with little mathematical skill and does not create an insight of discovering new things in mathematics.

"Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics". - Simeon Poisson
Thus, teaching mathematics is good. But, Are we teaching in a correct way? Are we are imparting mathematics knowledge to discover new horizons of mathematics.Think over you. Hence, teaching of mathematics has a greater importance in a life of a person. The root of such teaching and learning should be strongly kept in lower age. If not, the growth will not be an expected one.There are so many ways of teaching it. Here comes the better ways of teaching mathematics to the students at primary level.Hopefully, it will help to adopt the suitable method of teaching.

Play-Way Teaching of Mathematics

Play-way Method

Play-way method of teaching mathematics involves a serious teaching along with playing games.This method was introduced by Froebel who is known as "Father of Kindergarten method" The Mathematics teacher should provide some simple games and make the child to play for acquiring math.Usually, this method is more suitable for primary level students. Obviously, mathematics is taught from our childhood at the age of four or five. For a better future, a strong foundation should be laid down at this particular age. Mainly, the teacher has to teach arithmetic skill to this age group of students. So, it can be easily incorporated with games. The teacher can use as many apparatus for gaming such as toys and playing objects. This will make the child to learn mathematics with more desire. By learning in play-way method, the child learns mathematics clearly and more easily. Thus,learning will not be burden for them.

Activity Based Teaching of Mathematics

Activity Based Teaching

Activity Based Teaching(Also known as Activity Learning Method) is another method to be used for teaching mathematics to the students of primary level. This method was adopted by an English man David Horsburgh. This method made the students as an active learner and not as a passive learner.Here the teacher should provide activities and experiments for each subject theme.The activity should be appropriate to several constraints like age of the students, concept of the subject.The activity should not deviate the child from learning the concepts.Such activities gives a pleasure of learning and develops an self-reliance in students.Gradually, it encourages the student to learn new concepts and makes the learning in a joyful manner.Mathematics can be taught using this method in a niche manner. The concept of arithmetic and algebra shall be easily implemented with this method of teaching.

Comparison between Play-Way Method and Activity Bases Method

(click column header to sort results)
Play-way Method  
Activity Based Teaching  
Games are provided
Activities are provided
High range of fun
Somewhat less when compared to play-way method
Engages indirect learning
Engages direct learning
Indirect involvement in subject
Direct involvement in subject
Gives more fun to the students
Less fun to the students
Active participation of Students
Active participation of Students


These two methods of teaching has its own merits and demerits.There is no compulsion in adopting both the method.But the teacher should decide the suitable method that makes the process of learning and teaching in a reasonable way.The right method used to teach delivers the depth of the subject to the students and does not vanish the interest of the students to learn mathematics subject.

Many teacher uses inappropriate methods to teach the students without concerning about the learner's mind and circumstances.Surely,it will reflect later but in a serious manner.This situation should be removed and proper measures has to be taken for the welfare of the students.


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    • profile image

      sadia batool 

      2 years ago

      its helpful for me, thanks alot.

    • xavierdhs07 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Madurai

      Yes,you are correct.But play way and activity based teaching methods can be effective when it had been designed and carried out properly by the community(Teacher,student,curriculum etc.)

    • profile image

      Hotoli Kinimi 

      2 years ago

      I do agree with you. I believe that children learn better when they are happy. So play way method and activity based teaching carries high range of motivational input in children.


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