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Betty Rosemary Shelton

Updated on October 27, 2010
Miss Shelton Photo credit: C. Frank Starmer
Miss Shelton Photo credit: C. Frank Starmer

Betty Rosemary Shelton 1.7.1924 - 18.10.2010

Missionary, teacher, principal and social worker. Selfless and true Christian warrior.

There are giants who walk among us mortals.

Giants in intellect. Giants in management. Giants in planning and execution. Giants in teaching, philosophy and psychology. Giants in mothering and nursing. Giants in motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm. Giants in patience and kindness. Giants in faith. Giants in loving and giving. Giants in sacrifice and surrender. Giants in selflessness.

Miss Betty Rosemary Shelton was one great giant who can never be replaced. A giant whose mould God broke when He created her with all these giant qualities, blended perfectly together. God had put too much on her shoulders and He knew, He could not create another who could carry this burden, with the responsibility that comes with such a load.

We forget that a giant too, is mortal after all.

Miss Shelton was that one great giant, God in His divine mercy gifted to us Indians. To obey and do his calling, served Him in India, finally becoming Indian herself. Being British, she taught us our wonderful history, geography and our varied nature and to love our country and serve it.

To the unfamiliar eye, Miss Shelton was cold and reserved. It was just an impression. The bright blue eyes gave her away when you looked into them as they sparkled with joy, love and kindness. Those brilliant, blue, all seeing eyes that could look so deeply into a Queen Marion’s soul. Those brilliant eyes that sparkled with happiness, as her Queen Marions graduated and made a success of their lives, as professionals or as devoted mothers and wives. She loved them all so very much.

She is now immortal; with the God she so loved, obeyed and served. She has finished the race she was given to run with honors. She served her God with poise, dignity and calm, through the terrible trials of an evil by the name of Mathews et al. The evil that tried hard, to break and destroy her life’s work of love and sacrifice. The good finally overcame the evil and Queen Mary’s continues to fulfill, her role in the best education, a school can provide. Miss Shelton has began another legacy even though she had to move away from her beloved school. Being the giant she was, she began her ministry in far away Valathi, with nothing, where she is revered as their dear mother. She taught and served the poorest of the poor as her God had given her another new load to bear.

Today as she watches us all from another shore, just as she did in the classroom or at play, I thank God for this absolutely brilliant and amazing Miss Shelton who touched my life and lives on within thousands of Queen Marions, scattered around the world. The integrity and honesty, she drilled into us all. The courage to stand firm under adversity and pressure, never compromising to mediocrity. The courage and conviction to separate the gray areas from the white and to not be wishy washy with our beliefs and principles.

Now the torch she bore has been passed down to us, mortals. Let us all “Play the Game”. Let us hold this torch high and be worthy and pass it on.


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    • profile image

      Kiruba Harris 2 years ago

      Yes she was . She has molded generations of Queen Marions.

      Thank you


    • profile image

      Shobha 2 years ago

      Miss Shelton was who made me what I became. A great teacher but above all a great and wonderful human being. Thank you for this. I was in a class junior to yours.

    • profile image

      Kiruba Harris 6 years ago

      Thank you Anne. God broke the mold when she was made. she was an inspiring and amazing person.

    • profile image

      anne koshy 6 years ago

      Just came to know Miss Betty Shelton, our beloved Principal has left us to be with our Saviour. A true Missionary, her immense love to teach enriched our lives. A truly befitting tribute to a great human being!

    • profile image

      Kiruba harris 7 years ago

      Thank you cwarden. Miss Shelton was a true gift from God

    • cwarden profile image

      cwarden 7 years ago from USA

      What a beautiful tribute to Miss Shelton. I am sure she is honored and proud of you.