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Beware of cheap chinese products

Updated on July 9, 2011

'Made in China' = 'Buyer Beware'

Over the years, low-priced products from China started flooding in to the world market in every segment including consumer goods and electronics. We always wonder about how they can sell it so cheap. The answer is here. Chinese manufacturers can afford to price their products so competitively because of a number of factors as listed below.

  • Primarily, the raw materials used are of the worst quality.
  • They are not investing on research or innovation; they simply copy the products of established brands.
  • They are not spending for customer support or after sales service.
  • They are not spending money for advertising or marketing.
  • Mass production

When we buy Chinese made product we are putting our health and our children’s health in danger. Almost 90% of the chinese products which we find in the market are substandard. Since there are no strict quality checking methods in china, the manufacturers are able to adulterate products.The only way to keep ourselves safe is to avoid Chinese products.

Chinese food products remain under scrutiny after the melamine milk scandal in 2008.Official reports say there were 3,00,000 victims including six infants dying from kidney stones and close to 1000 babies hospitalized. Melamine appeared to have been added to milk in order to make it appear to have higher protein content. This incident damaged the reputation of China's food exports and as a result, at least 12 countries banned Chinese dairy products with India banning chinese chocolates too. The World Health Organization referred to the incident as one of the largest food safety events it had had to deal with in recent years. Prior to this, United States banned chinese pet food after discovering melamine content. Tinned foods and children’s snacks were found to have added with six times the permitted levels of preservatives. Candied fruits were found with 63 times the permitted amount of sweeteners.

China’s toy industry has come under close scrutiny since millions of goods were recalled globally amid fears they were made with toxic lead paints and had design flaws. Studies revealed that the highest content of lead was found in products like teethers for newborn and toddlers. As a result, countries including India banned chinese toys, which caused shutdown of over a thousand toy factories in china. Later India lifted the ban, but imposed strict demands for product safety guarantees. Tires manufactured in china lacks essential safety component which can cause the tyre to split apart at higher speeds. Some chinese toothpastes were found containing toxic chemicals. Even footwears, cosmetics, hairbuns etc. are made of cheap quality raw materials.

Can we afford to buy Chinese products which have been proven again and again to be poisonous? Can we trust a government who still allows us to buy these hazardous products?

We always speak loud against terrorism, this is much worse than terrorism. We don’t want to poison ourselves after spending money from our pocket. Now ‘Made in China’ looks like ‘Buyer Beware’.


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    • profile image

      TheTruth 4 years ago

      It's China fault? So it's China's fault that these Toy Companies, iPhone Companies, Tire Companies etc to send their jobs to China?

      China just makes what they get told to make. How do you think these White colored criminals who own these corporations make billions of dollars? By making a product that lasts FOREVER. Are you stupid?

      White colored criminals run Corporations who tell china to make shit products so you have to rebuy them after 1 year. The more times you buy the more these companies make. Its called Capitalism according to Americans

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 5 years ago from East Coast

      This is a very useful hub that more people should read. Everything you are saying here is true. Health issues abound with products from China because they simply do not have the standards that the US has. While the standards in the US aren't the best, they're certainly much better than the boatloads of crap that we get from China. I have been careful for many years to learn where my foods come from but many consumer goods that you get are made in China...laptops and other electronics are commonly Chinese made. Even ladies purses, something they and their families often touch, carry, breathe in chemical fumes from, etc. have been tested and found to have LEAD in them! All courtesy of China. Buyer beware.

    • profile image

      jlk 5 years ago

      you are all right, im a contractor and it seems every product i buy seems to get worse , these companys need to take responsibilty for the cheeply made products they buy from china, these co,s only care about there profits not the american people. its up to us to ban or hold them responsible. its been a week since x-mass and my childrens toys are already breaking apart. we vow to never buy any products made in china again

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      Chinese products are pure waste of money

    • profile image

      DRobinson 6 years ago

      I bought a lighting fixture at Lowe's. Had to replace a mounting screw, so went to the hardware department. That screw was not 6-32, 8-32 or metric! What was it? No idea and neither does Lowe's.

      How can we stop big companies like Lowe's and Home Depot to accept responsibility for what they purchase. Maybe they will think twice before buying from Chinese suppliers? Ha! I dount it.

      WE must make the first step by refusing to buy that cheap stuff!

    • profile image

      Frugal Planner 6 years ago

      I agree. I have a similar article here:

    • profile image

      Michael Pritchard 6 years ago

      I agree!!!

      Electronics coming out of China is just junk. Everything that is coming out of China these days is designed to last about 1-2 years. You could argue that this is largely by design as globalized citizens are increasingly developing electro-gadget ADD.

      Not even Japanese electronics (which used to be awesome) are immune as so much of their electronic manufacturing has been outsourced to China as well.

      ...remember those Sony Trinitron CRTs? ...25 years without an issue. I have a Marantz amplifier made in 70s...sounds absolutely amazing to this day. Pioneer tape deck from the 70' perfect (outlived the media!)...

      Akai reel-to-reel from the early 70s still works perfect today... if we move into the new century....the economics of "Chinese Everything"....bought a coby tv and dvd player broke within six months....bought a toshiba RPTV (electronics out of china) broke within two dvd player broke in three dvd player broke within three playstation 2 and playstation 3 broke within 1 year....westinghouse lcd broke within 3 u kidding me....

      Buying stuff from China is akin to taking money out of your wallet and inserting it directly into the toilet.

      Thanks for Listening,

      Mike Pritchard

    • profile image

      santhosh 7 years ago

      You can afford to buy China products but its life time is very less and is of very poor quality and if broken the parts are usually cannot be replaced.Toys made in China have excessive toxic materials of about 6 times the permitted level that of India. There are evidences that products imported from China like milk, eatables, etc has caused many health related problems all over the world...

    • profile image

      beautifulVang 8 years ago it because

      you're Indian and "your"

      product doesn't sale?

    • Sammy193 profile image

      Sammy193 8 years ago

      It is surprising to see how many items in our countries are made in China now. It is getting very hard to find items with tags that say made in our own country. hmmmm Maybe a link there as to why we are having terrible economic times.

      Just a thought!

    • profile image

      sheikh amir 8 years ago

      Dear its not ur fault u r indians

    • profile image

      Baiju 8 years ago

      keep away from "Chinese Hazardous Products"