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Earth Mysteries: Mexico's Zone of Silence

Updated on April 27, 2011

To continue to our number two most unusual Earth Anomalies we travel a little bit more. On the surface of our planet there seems to be pockets of gravitational or some type of atmospheric disturbance that even with today’s technology most scientist are at a lost to explain.

These places that have been noted around the planet have always completely mystified those who encounter them. These areas seem to possess a unknown anomaly that interferes with people or there instruments. One area made famous for this is the Bermuda triangle. It has been hampering the efforts of pilots and sailors for as long as anyone can remember. Another area that may not be as well-known is Mt. Stredorori in the Czechoslovakia republic. This area has been known to remove all the electricity out of vehicles and leaves them dead on the road until you get through this 75 foot stretch.

But, you don’t need to travel the world for this anomaly, just a little south of the border. Located about three hundred miles south of El Paso TX this little patch of land has been unaoumious with isolated incidents and unusual phenomenon. We all know the desert is eerie enough without having other things seemingly pop up out of nowhere.

However, we need not travel so far to encounter a part of the world that is even more perplexing than these others, although it remains little known to most people: Mexico's mysterious, magical zona del silencio--the Zone of Silence, just four hundred miles away from El Paso, Texas. Deserts are often considered to be mysterious enough without the added weirdness that this patch of earth some four hundred miles from El Paso has to offer. It is a place which gobbles up radio and TV signals, and which has of late been associated with the UFO phenomenon.

Over the centuries there has been a unique awareness of the area and many are aware to avoid it. The biggest anomaly of the area is what the locals refer to as “Fire Rocks” out of no ware on a clear blue sky these rocks would fall. They would ruin the crops that were just planted and make for a formidable growing season.

The first scientist to visit the area was engineer Harry de la Pena. He went to find out the nature of the radio interference in the area and what other secrets they may hold. It really looks like every other desert around the world. Just flat terrain and pinpointed bushes dotting the landscape. No noticeable different from any other desert.

Engineer Pena and other scientist along with the group to study the earth mystery brought along walkie talkies. They first became aware of the silence when they were not able to use them to communicate to the other members. Other radios did the same thing it was eerie that the radio s dead silence would penetrate every cell in your body with a unimaginable silence. The same earth mystery is experienced with TV signals as well. No one knows why this is caused the Mexican government even decided to initiate a research facility in the middle of it but has yet to explain why TV, radio, and satellite communications are not possible in that part of the country. So for our number two quest for earths unknown mysteries the Zone of Silence defiantly fits.


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Wow, I have never knew or heard of these phenomenon. Thank you for sharing.

  • Christine P Ann profile image

    Christine P Ann 6 years ago from Australia

    Interesting hub on our earths mysteries. I must read some more of yours.