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Beyond the Struggle

Updated on February 15, 2012
Inner Peace. Source:
Inner Peace. Source:

Beyond the Struggle

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Uplifted by simple pleasures I seek the serenity that a calm and silent mind can afford. No longer do I struggle for place or gain, the pain of it plainly a path I do not choose. Instead I seek the fulfilment that expression can give, bound not by perceivable results but by creativity and the stream of possibility.

I have come to realise that struggle is an intrinsic part of humanity from which we learn a broad and balanced perspective, and in failure the lessons in life that define us and offer success and fulfilment. Beyond struggle are peace and an internal knowing that permeates our souls and causes surrendering to the way and purpose of existence. This faithful letting go of futility is a necessary step toward living in the present and deciding rather than responding to the outer conflicts in life.

The outer struggle always remains because that is the course of the human experience, in expression and aspiration, but the inner struggle of which I refer is bound only by our perceptions and a considered silence of the mundane. This understanding and choice does not preclude the havoc and confusion of life but retires it to ill-affect and an objectivity that can only be achieved by separation, in a psychological sense.

One does not achieve this by becoming a recluse, but becoming someone who understands the decisions that create harmony and not disorder. The play of human life is diverse and individual, but there is a commonality in the rise and flow of failure and pain. Many people do not and perhaps will never see the inequities of their thoughts and actions, realising none of their suffering until it is done. Others learn from mistakes and progress on journeys less inhibited by failure and the often harsh restoration of balance. But to overcome the outer struggle, one must find harmony and peace within.

Introspection and self-realisation are important components of this process and a willing heart open to unwanted truths is a necessity. Part of the confusion and havoc in physical life is the delusions we apply in the expectation that it is protection. But reality finds us regardless of our delusions and it is far easier to accept them rather than have it forced on us. So seeking truths and an abiding acceptance of how we are, positive and negative, is the beginning of the perspective needed to find peace.

The outer world is a culmination of the confused thinking and delusions of the masses, come into being by the erratic thoughts and actions of struggle. The results appear as havoc because there is no control and often no purpose beyond the base considerations of greed and gain. Love in the world becomes less affective because of the propensity of greed and physical betterment. Souls left wanting seek harmony but do not understand the affect of the outer struggle and its conditioning of purpose, sharing, compassion and love. The results are obvious in a world of chaos and the slow disintegration of all the paradigms that are meant for order and attainment.

None shall change until the inner self is freed from containment, from the limits of self-gain and judgement. The contentions of the outer world will continue to rule the hearts of men until the heart is freed and inner peace is sought. I live in hope that humanity will live long enough to achieve this realisation, to accept the truth and to find brotherhood a preference rather than chosen segregation. Love has always been the answer, but it is never enough without the ridding of delusion and accepting the truth.


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