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Biblical Truth Behind The Study Of Science And History

Updated on October 17, 2011

Science can lead us to God

There has been a long standing struggle between science and God. Some believe science proves against God’s existence, while others believe it leads to His existence. I like looking at the facts. It’s obvious that we can’t prove or disprove God’s existence and of course, there are only theories on the origin of life.

Darwin, Pasteur, Oparin all had theories that lacked actual proof. Proteins have been reproduced in labs but have never lead to spontaneous life. The information encoded within the cells is necessary to have life develop. Where does that crucial information come from? The evolution theory, as well, has gaps that Darwin refused to acknowledge. There is missing evidence to support the gradual changes in species over billions of year. The Cambrian Explosion shows a huge jump in species and animals of all kinds.

Is it easier to accept that stars exploded and created the gases necessary to produce life than believing Jesus Christ died on the cross? Or that we came from aliens or primordial soup? Archaeologists have discovered items/materials that lead to the validity of the bible. They continuously find links that show us the truth. Such as documents of antiquity and these kinds of documents are not unique to the Bible. Tacitus, a Roman historian, wrote Annals and Histories and Josephus, a Romano-Jewish historian, wrote The Jewish War and Antiquities Of The Jews. Both historian's documents are considered to be reliable by scholars and the amount of scripts found to support these doesn't even compare to the amount they have found to support the Bible. The Bible has more than five thousand New Testament Greek manuscripts that exist today. Another interesting fact is Josephus and Tacitus both wrote about Jesus.

Science does not disprove the bible. The word science means knowledge and God gives mankind the knowledge to understand the world around us. Science can prove the Bible and lead us to God. "Seek and ye shall find."


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