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Big Bang: The Universe is NOT Expanding

Updated on February 17, 2014
Here is a picture of ME after a hard days work. As you can see, my jeans have EXPANDED!
Here is a picture of ME after a hard days work. As you can see, my jeans have EXPANDED!
Atheists claim their God/Singularity CREATED the Universe, which has SHAPE. What is the background that gives SHAPE to the Universe??
Atheists claim their God/Singularity CREATED the Universe, which has SHAPE. What is the background that gives SHAPE to the Universe??
THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Is the Universe a BOX that encloses you? If so, then WHAT is outside the box?
THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Is the Universe a BOX that encloses you? If so, then WHAT is outside the box?

Your Jeans Can Expand

Have you ever put on a freshly-washed pair of jeans and noticed how tight-fitting they are? Have you also noticed that by the end of the day, they are not as tight and are actually more comfortable?

In fact, this happens to me every day. Just look at the picture (above) of ME after a long days work. My jeans have clearly expanded, even to the point of tearing.

What is going on?

Let’s first assume that your body didn’t gain or lose any weight during the day.

Your body, due to its motion throughout the day, has exerted “tension” on the individual fibers of the pants. This caused the fibers to “expand” or stretch. This process has made the fibers a little “longer” and a little “thinner”. The total amount of matter comprising those pants didn’t increase or decrease. Your body simply “displaced” the matter (atoms in the fibers) from one location to another.

But The Universe Cannot Expand

As illustrated with the pants example, only physical objects can expand. All physical objects have shape/form/contour.

Is the Universe a physical object? Is the Universe like a pair of pants, or like an apple we can point to?

Early man pointed to all objects and gave them a name. The name is irrelevant. The name is just an association/relation from a concept in the brain, to an object in the physical world. This is how language began. So the word “apple” is a concept, just as all words are concepts. But this concept “apple”, resolves to a physical object hanging from a tree.

Now I ask you: What does the word “Universe” resolve object or a concept?

First of all, the word Universe is a concept, as all words are concepts.

Now does the word Universe resolve to any physical object? Can we point to ‘the’ Universe?

The answer is unequivocally: NO!

Do you see the problem we have here? The problem has to do with the consistent use of language and comprehension in any scientific context. So let's first clarify the language, which is the key obstacle here. The mysterious word Universe is a concept, which is defined as follows:

Universe: A concept that embodies matter (atoms) and space (nothing).

It's capitalized because there is only one. We are referring to 'THE' Universe.

Although 'the’ Universe is a NOUN for the purposes of ordinary speech, it cannot be treated as a noun in the course of a scientific presentation. We know that atoms may move with respect to each other, but when space or 'the' Universe starts moving, watch out! Someone slipped a “mickey” in your beer!

Concepts don’t move, and they most definitely don't expand. Only physical objects have the ability to move, expand, stretch, dilate, etc.

So what is the object when we make reference to ‘the’ Universe?
The objects are the atoms, which we collectively refer to as 'matter'. The concept Universe embodies matter (something, atoms) and space (nothing).

So when somebody claims that “The Universe is expanding”.....what EXACTLY are they saying?

  1. Are they saying that physical objects (stars, planets, trees, mountains, water, people, cats, dogs) are expanding?
  2. Are they saying that space itself (which is nothing) is expanding?
  3. Are they saying that all the objects and their atoms are in motion and flying apart in the vastness of space?

Actually, Relativity and the Big Bang Theory claim that it is SPACE which is expanding!

But space is nothing. It is not an object. It lacks shape/form. As such, it cannot “stretch” like your pants can, when you consume too many physical objects.

When asked what the universe is expanding into, the Big Bang theorists declare that it is expanding into nothing.

It is ridiculous to claim that the Universe is expanding at many times the speed of light (> c) into nothing, especially when Relativity dictates that the speed of light must be constant. And if the Universe is expanding into nothing, then it is actually expanding into “space”! So this is a total contradiction of terms for Relativity and the Big Bang Theory.

It is impossible for something which is lacking shape, like the Universe and space, to expand/stretch!

For anybody to claim that space itself expands, they are IMPLICITLY saying that space is a physical object, it has shape, and is irrevocably contoured by 'something'.

So here is your Homework:

1) Draw a picture of space.
2) Label the 'stuff' that is on the outside of space and contours it. What is this ‘stuff’ made of....matter or nothing?

Mathematicians claim that the Universe is a finite physical object, such as an ocean, but that there is nothing outside of it providing contour and shape.

Well, we know that the ocean is an object, since it has shape. When we throw a rock into the ocean, the water is displaced and the sea level rises, because there is space (nothing) above the water.

When the Universe is said to “expand”, there must be NOTHING (space) that it is expanding into. But these mathematicians are claiming that it is ‘the’ space itself which is expanding. Again, this is a total contradiction. You cannot claim that space is expanding, and it is expanding into NOTHING, when “nothing” is already referring to space. The “nothing” is already there, and everywhere!

Big Bang Theorists claim that no matter where you are in the universe, all galaxies move away from YOUR location, due to space expansion.

In fact, Big Bang Theory demands such a scenario. Back to the ocean example: If the ocean increases between the boats and outwards, ALL the boats should be moving away from each other as the ocean rises. No exceptions!
This is not what the astronomers verify. Andromeda is blue shifted and allegedly on a collision course with the Milky Way, barely 2 million light years away.

This observation alone contradicts and debunks the Big Bang Theory and the alleged expansion of the Universe!

The Universe Has NO Beginning and NO End

In physics, it is irrational to say that an atom began to exist in the past. It is also irrational to say that an atom will cease to exist in the future. In physics, we say that an atom exists (present tense). Matter exists ONLY in present tense.

Otherwise it is up to the mathematician to explain how “nothing”, can acquire Length, Width, and Height, and form into an atom. Also, they will have to explain how an atom can lose Length, Width, and Height, and turn into nothing.

The Universe cannot have an 'end', because such terminology is alluding to an object. The Universe is obviously NOT an object. It is a concept. Concepts don't have an end like a table has an end.

So the correct terminology is:

  1. The amount of matter in the Universe is constant. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Space cannot convert into matter, and matter cannot convert into space.
  2. Space has no shape and is therefore neither finite nor infinite (remember: ‘infinite’ is an adjective that modifies objects).
  3. The Universe is a concept that includes matter and space.

You see, the Universe consists only of a bunch of atoms, rocks, gases, light, stars, etc. The Universe has no ability to memorize previous locations. In other words, the Universe does not recognize ‘time’. Time is a figment of the imagination of living entities, such as humans. The reason we perceive time is that we have memory. Without memory, there is no such notion as time. Without memory, there is only the present. Time is a conscious observer phenomenon. The mathematicians never understood this and they never will. Their memory of past events clouds their thinking. As far as the Universe is concerned, the Moon WAS not there and WILL not be over there. The Moon IS there. The Moon can only have one location – the location it actually has NOW.


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