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Big Bang Theory and God

Updated on August 7, 2011

God and a Theory

I am going to present my thoughts as to our existence and explore a theory known as the "Big Bang Theory". According to scientists, the universe got its start with what is known as the big bang or that it sprang into existence as "Singularity", around 13.7 billion years ago. Singularity is explained as it was thought to exist in the core of "Black Holes" or areas of intense gravitational pressure. When this pressure is so intense, it is squashed into infinite density. These zones are called ":Singularities". Our universe is thought to have begun as a small intensely hot form or ball,very dense in its makeup. When and why it happened, scientist can only guess.

The ball of high pressured matter kept repeating itself in a cycle of going from hot and small to extremely large and over time, became what is now called our "Universe". According to scientist, our universe continues to expand at a great rate and we are right in the middle of it.The "Big Bang Theory" is misleading because it was not an explosion but a gradual expansion of the universe. According to scientist, we were not a small ball of fire that suddenly grew to enormous proportions all at once.

What about God? The science of "Cosmogony" is the study of the Universe's origin. In it there is still no clear reason as to how the Universe got its beginning. There was one scientist who used Einstein"s "Theory of Relativity" in trying to help explain it all. No matter how involved or how scientific the approach to explaining the origin of our planets and stars, the more confused and perplexed the investigators become. They are often spurred onward by their intellect or refusal to change their minds, once a decision has been made on their part. Their own conceited attitudes prevent them often times from arriving at the truth.

The one truth that all the scientist in history and those in present times cannot change with all their intellect and knowledge is the fact that there had to be some kind of creator or originator of our existence. God only smiles as He watches mankind doubt him even more each day by experimenting and research. He knows that in time, those who doubt Him will eventually come back to the fold, the warm and loving arms of a forgiving Father of all creation. We all know that there must be a seed for a flower to grow, just as we must see that a universe must have its seed to begin its existence. The hand that sowed the seed of life that we all see and know, belonged to our God and Creator. His creation lives and continues to grow forever. Our universe is. Our God is. He is waiting for the return of His prodigal son, just as the scriptures tell us.


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