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Big Foot Theory on Existence

Updated on July 24, 2011

Humor, "Gak and Geek" Abducted by Big Foot

What is the speculations on Big Foot? Cartoon by Ed Rodgers , permission to use copyrighted material given to SM Rodgers, ladybluewriter for humor. All Rights Reserved
What is the speculations on Big Foot? Cartoon by Ed Rodgers , permission to use copyrighted material given to SM Rodgers, ladybluewriter for humor. All Rights Reserved


I saw something once crossing the road at 5:30 am in the morning in the area of the river near Willacoochee , Georgia. My husband and I both witnessed the event about 30 years ago. The creature was almost or nearly 8 feet tall and not heavy set like a gorilla, but it slightly leaned forward, when the female or male walked across the road in front of us. We felt like it was a tall male, because of height, but the creature could have fooled us. We were almost 30 feet from the creature, and it was somewhat foggy that morning. It moved across the road, and went under the bridge near the river going northward. He never even looked toward our car. He just kept walking in a fast pace. We were not searching for the creature, but the event just happened. We were actually on our way to work, as we both were teachers at the time. 

Now after that experience, then  I would ask this question of scientists that search to prove the existence of the big foot creature. Why do you not have bones like in history that could be found by Archaeologists? We have bones from civilizations past, but why not them? Do they not die? All we have are foot prints left by them. Does that not seem mysterious to you? I would ask another question about them. Could they be an alien life form? How many years have they been seen on this planet in many areas of the North American continent? Have they been seen in other civilizations? How old are they? Could they have been a life form placed here by another species. We have much speculations on whether or not other life form exists, but could this be why we never find where they live or die?  Just think of my questions as food for thought. Scientists are trying to prove their existence ,and I see a lot about them on television every week. 

I am asking questions, because many have claimed to seen them, but no one has their bones or has found their actual place they lived at. They go out in the woods and make noises to attract them, and do get some noises back and again some say they have sighted them. Why are all the sightings as individuals and not in groups? Is it possible the male of the species goes out to protect his family by checking out strange noises? How have they not been driven out of their homes into the human environment by contractors and expansion of our civilization? These are many questions scientists should be thinking about, when attempting to prove their existence.  Many species have been forced out of their natural habitats.

I would ask my readers have you ever seen a big foot? What name do you call them in your area that you live in? Post a comment and let me know! I am curious here.


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    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Wow a great hub and thank you for sharing.

      I now look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take car



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