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Bigfoot Legend, Fact, Myth or Hoax

Updated on November 23, 2010

Bigfoot Sightings

Sightings of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch have been reported for more than 400 years and in all 50 of the United States, with the heaviest concentration in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot sightings have also been reported in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. Most experts relate the North American Bigfoot to the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas.

Though an actual body of Bigfoot has yet to be produced to prove his existence, hair, tracks, photographs and videos abound. Bigfoot sightings all seem to describe the creature in a similar manner. Agreed upon attributes of Bigfoot are his height, 7 to 10 feet, weight, up to 500 pounds, hairy body, casual upright stride, and foul smell.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti

The name Bigfoot has been used only since the mid-60's, and started from a sighting in a California mining camp. The name varies throughout the North American continent and around the world.

North America - Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Wildman, Man Bear, Wicca, Bukwas, Wooley Booger, Skunk Ape, Chickas, Yowie, Hill Ghost, Monster of the Mountain

Europe - Kaptar, Biabin-guli, Grendae, Ferla Mohir, Brenin Ilwyd

Africa - Ngoloko, Kikomba, Waterbobbejan

Asia - Gin-sung, Yeti, Yeren, Mirygdy, Mecheny, Chinese Wildman, Nguoi Rung

The Roger Patterson footage

Roger Patterson Photo


Ivan Marx Bigfoot Hoax


Whitton, Dyer Bigfoot Hoax


Famous Bigfoot Sightings

1924: Four miners claim they were attacked while asleep in their cabin, by rock throwing "apemen". Believing they were being attacked by some type of mountain gorillas, the men shot at the beasts, scaring them away. The following morning they found large footprints. The story has been challenged, by placing blame for the attack on a hikers faking the footprints and harassing the miners.

1941: British Columbia resident, Jeannie Chapman, claims she and her children were scared from their home when a 7 1/2 foot Sasquatch approached.

1958: Jerry Crew took a cast of footprints to the local newspaper office, claiming that he and his workers found the prints at their work sight at Bluff Creek, California. The validity of the footprints was supported by overseer Wilbur L. Wallace and his brother Raymond. After his death, Raymond's children revealed a set of 16 inch wooden feet, claiming they had been used to make the prints.

1967: Another reported sighting from Bluff Creek came from Roger Patterson and Roger Gimlin. They produced taped footage of Bigfoot. The film dubbed the Patterson-Grimin film was touted as the best evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Bob Heironimus later revealed he had worn an ape suit for friend, Paterson's film.

2008: Mathew Whitton, Rick Dyer claimed to find the body of Bigfoot in Northern Georgia. Producing pictures of the body in a freezer, their story aired on several major news networks. The thawed body was soon found to be fake, and Dyer and Whitton, admitted the hoax.

Bigfoot sightings

Bigfoot's Cousin - The Abominable Snowman

A myth closely related to the Bigfoot legend is the Abominable Snowman. Also known as Yeti, the snowman is thought to live in the Himalayas. With the face of a gorilla and a body covered in fur, the Yeti walks upright, and is over 7 feet tall. The first recorded sightings date back to 1832. Sightings have also been recorded in Nepal, China, Siberia, Canada and the United States.

TMZ Report

Abominable Snowman Found!!!

Posted Aug 21st 2008 6:49PM

Vegas showman Jeff Beacher captured an Abominable Snowman in the 102 degree desert surrounding Las Vegas.   In order to protect the rest of the desert based snowmen, Beacher refused to reveal the exact location of the capture. DNA reports are pending.

Bigfoot sightings in Hollywood

Bigfoot 1970

Bikers go on a rescue mission after their women are captured by Bigfoot.

Harry and the Hendersons 1987

When the Henderson family accidentally hits Bigfoot with their car, they take the body home hoping to cash in on it.  But Harry turns out to be alive and now the family has to protect him from the authorities and a notorious Bigfoot hunter.

Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter 1994

An eleven-year-old boy befriends Bigfoot.

The Unknown 2005

Teen-agers save Sasquatch from poachers bent on revenge.

Sasquatch Mountain 2006

A truck driver, joins forces with bank robbers, the cops and a beautiful women in a fight against an Arizona based Sasquatch.

Bigfoot 2008

After an attack from school bullies, teen Percy Caldwell awakens in the forest and encounters Bigfoot.  When his story isn't believed, Percy takes it on himself to take care of the gentle monster and protect him from the bullies who want exploit him.

Harry and the Hendersons

The truth is out there

Is he out there? I welcome your comments

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  • J. Andersen profile image

    J. Andersen 8 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    Good information here and well-presented. Check out the habituation site:

  • profile image

    Leroy Blevins Sr. 8 years ago

    Yes there are real Bigfoot. I have done research on the real Bigfoot and found they are Edomites for there story is told in the Bible. However I also did research on the Patterson and Gimlin film of Bigfoot. But the PG Film is not real if you like to see the best research ever done on the PG film go to

    You will also see a copy of the Bigfoot suit that Patterson used in his footage.

  • Paper Moon profile image

    Paper Moon 8 years ago from In the clouds

    I did not see or smell him but heard him. Up in your neck of the woods to boot. After my expirience, I would not like to see one. I think I will stay away from the area in question as well. I feel silly talking about it, but finaly wrote a hub so, its out in the open. I am a nutcase. :)

  • Christa Dovel profile image

    Christa Dovel 8 years ago from The Rocky Mountains, North America

    I wonder the same. There were three reports from a few years ago, from my corner of the world. One of those who reported recorded of three of them checking out a parked truck. I would love to see it.