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Bigfoot & UFO Vortex Energy Beam - Tennessee and Arkansas

Updated on August 18, 2011

Bigfoot still frame taken from the film letters from the big man which hints at the attraction of a male bigfoot to a female hydrologist

Letters From The Big Man
Letters From The Big Man

Bigfoot and UFO Beam

My Bigfoot experience really blindsided me. It was appropriate that I had as my previous hub stated began filming UFO's in April 1998. And, this led me directly to an experience of the true nature of Bigfoot. A reporter Tim Chavez from the Nashville Tennessean newspaper had heard about my footage and called me asking to view it for an article. He pointed out over the phone that lint on my lens could show up as large objects. So, I invited him over to see my lint. After watching about twenty minutes of video he commented that maybe they were angels. Okay dude maybe fallen angels. Sandy Nichols, a well known paranormal researcher, alien abductee and founder of ARG (alien research group) read the article and asked to see the video's as well. I agreed. Sandy told me I needed to try filming in the vortex. I wondered what the heck was a vortex. Well, I was sucked into the vortex and I found out! It culminated with the Life magazine photo article mentioned in my other hub. You can see Sandy and I standing in what I now call the secret vortex location in one of the photos below. I am second from the right and Sandy is on the far left. Anyhow the following Saturday Sandy invited me to a remote Tennessee hilltop and showed me the vortex. Unfortunately, when I attempted to film inside the vortex nothing happened. The red light would come on for a brief moment then the camera would turn off. I tried for hours with various configurations and power sources and cords to no avail. Then, as soon as I got home I tried the camera again and it worked perfectly. The co-owners of the property who both owned homes in front of the mountaintop where the field is located invited me to to attend potluck gatherings of like-minded individuals and told me I was welcome to visit the vortex area anytime. And, I was told the vortex was associated with many strange phenomena. Soon I was headed to my first gathering. Upon arrival it was pitch dark and cloudy. I thought I would drive to the vortex area alone to see if I could pick up anything about it myself. I stepped outside my Jeep Cherokee and held my hand in front of my face and literally couldn't see anything. Wow that is dark I thought. This open field on top of a mountain is the size of about 20 football fields enclosed on 3 sides by fences. And, there was a strange sound coming from the far end of the field. It was high pitched and squeaky but melodic. My initial thought was I had never heard such music. I began walking in the direction of the sound and then I realized or perceived it was something much different than I could ever have imagined. When I got closer the sound abruptly stopped. It was the sound of Bigfoot copulation. When I got closer the sound stopped and was replaced by what I thought were loud thunderous, stomping footsteps that shook the ground. Again, this was my limited perception at the time. I knew nothing of Bigfoot. I was looking for nuts and bolts UFO's. Each footstep seemed to literally shake the ground beneath my feet. But that was not possible. Even an elephant jumping up and down couldn't do that from twenty to thirty feet away. I headed back toward my vehicle and could see movement and hear rumbling in the brush alongside me. I quickly got back in the car and went back to the house and attended the gathering. Later, a campfire was built near the vortex and I stayed late until only a few people were left. When I told one of the property owners about my experience she was stunned. Anne as she was called in the Life article told me she had been having telepathic contact with a Bigfoot for months, but hadn't told anyone. She explained that she enjoyed coming to the field during the early morning hours and walking around in the buff. And, that a Bigfoot male had communicated to her that he would like to have sex with her to which she respectfully declined. She said he then requested that she bring a human partner into the woods to make love while he and his friends watched to which she also declined. Unbelievable, I thought. They are perverted just like human males! Later I discovered through my own research and the work of Bigfoot researcher Kewaunee Lapseritis that this was not all that uncommon. What was uncommon was for anyone to speak of it publicly. Kewaunee is the author of Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection. The first of a 12 part 2 hour Paranormality radio interview is also on this page. The rest can be found on You Tube. It was a year later before I tried filming in the vortex just prior to the arrival of Life magazine. One of the films I made is the vortex beam footage also on this page. Some time later I met a lady through the internet who lives west of Nashville. She had built a new modular home on a mountain top. She informed me that she thought the place was haunted. She said the doors with iron latches would open by themselves and there was other strange activity around and in her home i.e. objects moved, strange sounds, footsteps etc. Plus her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog went missing never to be seen again. For some reason I told her I felt there could be a Bigfoot connection. She knew nothing about Bigfoot or any other paranormal phenomena. One morning she called me around 2am with a fantastic story. She had went to bed and felt something in the bed snuggle up to the small of her back. she thought it might be her cat. But, when she rolled over nothing was there. Suddenly invisible fingers were fondling her breasts. She could see and feel the impressions. She got up out of bed and was really frightened as any sane person would be. Nothing much occurred for a while after that until one evening I called her and she said she was going to the store but would call me when she got back. But, she called me on her cellphone from the store parking lot and said she had seen him. Seen who I queried? Mr. Bigfoot she replied. Just across from a golf course halfway down the mountain she reportedly witnessed what she described as an 8-10 foot tall dark brown hairy creature. He spoke to me in my mind as he walked toward the woods he looked over his should and said "it's me." Then she indicated he got closer to the tree line and walked into a blurred circle and disappeared like in the movie field of dreams. All the elements of her stories are commonly reported according to Kewaunee. A month or so later she agreed to do a taped interview regarding her experiences with a Bigfoot researcher friend of mine Sherry Malin who was affiliated with the BFRO (Bigfoot research organization). We also had two more ladies with us who were regular attendees at the vortex field gatherings. But, when we arrived no one answered the door. We called on the phone and were told her son didn't want her to do the interview. So, instead the four of us went to the location she had shown me where the sighting happened. We actually found some old footprints but they weren't very clear. We were disappointed but still adventurous. One of the ladies was Anne and the other I will call Janet who for the purposes of this post had downloaded and printed an internet article on recent sightings by a park ranger of a white creature associated with howling when the train comes through at dusk. The place was called werewolf springs and was only about ten miles away. There was even a backstory about wild men escaping from the carnival in years gone by. So we set out to find it just for fun. We stopped at a school on the way and got directions from an old janitor. His information led us to an old cemetery with civil war slave graves located at the far end of the Hall family cemetery where it dead ends into Montgomery Bell park. We circled the place twice and parked on the far left side. We walked around the perimeter and I went into the woods and noticed a couple of markers similar to the ones Sherry Malin had pointed out to us in our former locale. I ran back to tell the ladies what I had found. And, at that point we all entered the woods crossing a dry stream at the rear right hand side of the cemetery. Not too far into the park and we encountered giant 3-4 foot tall ant hills and then thousands of ants were beginning to crawl rapidly up our legs. At that time Janet and Anne decided to return to the cemetery and keep an eye on the car. Sherry and I brushed off the ants which we solidly encamped for about 100 feet. We proceeded further into the lush forest. We saw an amazing variety of huge mushrooms and exotic looking plants. Approximately 35-40 minutes in Sherry remarked she felt we were being followed or watched by something. I agreed and said stop! We both stopped walking but continued to hear a couple of crackling sound like footsteps on the dry leaves crunching. We kept moving and stopping and heard the sound a couple more times sensing something was really nearby. We came to a TVA power line clearing around 100-150 feet across. Entering the open area I looked to my right and saw my first Bigfoot in the flesh or should I say hair? It stood an estimated 8-9 feet tall with reddish or burnt sienna colored hair. It appeared to have breasts and resembled Chubacca from the movie Star Wars. She was standing perfectly erect and reacted when she saw me looking directly at her. The creature lept and ran beyond the clearing covering a distance of 40-50 yards smoothly and what appeared effortlessly in literally 2 seconds. Our football team could use her. Did you see it I asked Sherry? I was already running that direction. I knew I couldn't catch it but thought I might get another glimpse of it hoping it might hide behind a tree and reappear. Alas I never saw it again. We went further down all the way to the Harpeth river but it was long gone. Then a week later Sherry and I returned. Sherry thought we should enter from the right side of the field. It began sprinkling as we arrived. Not fifteen yards into the park we heard a pronounced grunt not ten feet away behind some heavy brush. It grunted again as Sherry and I looked at each other in silent acknowledgement. I moved closer within about 3-4 feet and heard the most godawful, gutteral, growling vocalizations I have ever heard. I didn't see anything. But, I could hear it take off down the hill. I ran toward the sound as fast as I possibly could limbs and brush smacking me in the face. A minute or two later I arrived at a dry creek with a small wooden bridge and the park walking trail on my right. The creature was screaming and seemed to be talking to me from somewhere on the other side. It wasn't that I was brave or even foolish I felt I had a nothing to lose attitude particularly after what UFO researcher and possible agent Marc Davenport had warned me would happen if I kept uncovering UFO evidence. I'll save that for a later posting. So, I called out to Sherry to come down via the walking trail in front of the cemetery gate. By the time she arrived I was calling back to my newly found friend attempting to emulate whatever sounds I heard. Whatever it was it was angry as heck. We stood under the bridge for another ten minutes and the frenetic conversation continued. I would mimic the sounds I was hearing which I think really infuriated it. The sounds ceased and I started to cross the bridge but Sherry wanted to walk along the creek to the left. Instantly we found a perfect Bigfoot print in the sand. It was huge and the sand was so fresh it was wet on top from the rain but totally dry inside the 6 inch deep print. It wasn't as long as the size 21 Nike tennis shoes I sometimes wore for my performances when I worked as a professional clown. But, the foot was extremely wide and had a disjointed big toe with a gap like an ape. The banks of the creek are about 4 feet high. It looked like one step was all it took to traverse the creek. We videotaped the footprint and found two more old prints and headed up the hill on the other side. We didn't have plaster with us or would have made a great cast. As for those debunkers who claim no bones have ever been found haven't considered the forest giant people known as Bigfoot may bury their dead. And, besides why wouldn't bones from an unknown primate be misidentified just like the bones of homo sapiens when found in too old of strata that doesn't fit the current company paradigm. Richard and Mary Leaky would find bones all the time and comment that if they didn't know better they would swear it was the femur of a homo sapien skeleton. Michael Cremo and I contend they didn't know better. If it looks like a duck. And, the so-called human ancestor known as Ardi or Ardipithicus Ramidus that is supposed to be a million years younger than Lucy and touted as the oldest human ancestor skeleton is in my opinion simply an apeman or primate commonly known as Bigfoot today. It has the gapped or splayed big toe like the footprint I just described.

The evolutionists are on the defensive throwing out every new find as a candidate for the missing link. The latest is a lemur human connection because the fossil has opposable thumbs and fingernails and cat sized hind legs for someday standing upright. Give me a break! and

As far as the Patterson footage being a costume it would have to be more like special effects make-up which didn't exist at the time. I was a professional mascot entertainer with a group of gorillas called guerrilla warfare. The $5000 costumes were very well made by the creator of the Harry and the Hendersons movie costume using the same material in neon colors but nothing close to being in the vicinity of making something look like a real ape. Show me a costume like that with the rippling muscles, bulging calves and bleeding thigh that looks like a gunshot wound. It has been tried but I haven't seen anyone replicate the Patterson footage.

So, back to our 100% true, I will swear on whatever story. We didn't see or hear anything for another thirty minutes as we walked in the direction where our understandably angry Bigfoot person's vocalizations were emanating from. Then a hickory nut zipped between us skipping like a flat rock in a calm pond. It couldn't have fell from the trees. Some kind of outside force had acted on it. Seconds later another nut, then another one. Then yet another still. Until it had happened 7 or 8 times. Nothing was near us and we could see clearly for 3-400 yards . We moved forward carefully checking behind a few large trees to no avail. No one visible seemed to be throwing the nuts. Four hours in we saw nothing but a proliferation of X-shaped markers some that were fifty foot tall trees culminating in a wall of them in front of a huge briar patch. The message was clear Stay Out! Fear didn't stop us but hundreds of feet of briar did. We turned around and used the compass to find our way back to the cemetery. We met a lady and her son coming the other direction who were gonna camp in a small shelter with bunks and a grill out front. We didn't mention our experiences to them. Ha ha! I didn't feel they were in danger from the hominids I encountered.

A friend of mine Dr. Mary Rose Grant agreed to take a look at the place a few months later to find out where my wild stories were coming from. After showing her the areas where the previous contact incidents occurred we set out on a general search hoping to see something. A couple of times she noted that maybe she had seen something distantly in the shadows. Five hours later I finally gave up and leaning against a tree retorted, "you know something, we can't find them unless they want to be found. We won't find them until they are ready to let us find them. I leaned back, closed my eyes and mentally asked them to show up please! Mary Rose exclaimed "What's that over there?" pointing to an area where the river forms a slight cove or inlet at the base of the largest hill. It runs parallel to another area where several civil war battle walls are still standing. I looked up and saw a large black male Bigfoot leaning his head out from behind two trees at the point of the cove. I had decided not to run or move too abruptly and startle him. I slowly waved my hand high above my head as I stared into the eyes that were staring back at me. Approximately 200 feet from us he majestically stepped out from behind the two trees standing perfectly erect like a human as if to say "here I am!" Dr. Grant commented "I could see his face and eyes." We both remained entranced for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. I said "stay here and keep your eyes on him while I slowly walk in his direction. He was at least 8'6" tall because the top of his head was just above a limb we later measured by flipping a six inch ruler 17 times. He had jet black bristly hair like a giant wooly worm. As I walked I had to descend into a crevass briefly and he had left or disappeared before I could see him again. Mary Rose said he walked behind the tree and disappeared. He may have simply moved away quickly or dropped onto the ground but why speculate? I was ecstatic we both had seen what we had both saw. It was as clear as the pronounced nose on his face. It was not all that apelike but more human. It was different than the Arkansas pics of the male who is very flat nosed and apelike. We walked down to the trees where he was standing and looked for any signs but found none.

At that point we had been there for several hours. We were exhausted and hungry and decided to head back to the car. On our way back we reached a small opening 30-40 feet in diameter with a huge tree stump where we sat down to rest. Suddenly, a hickory nut or something had cracked loudly and sharply against the oak tree next to the left side of my head. She was the one who first sighted the huge male next to two trees with his head slightly higher than the limb we measured at 8'6". Using a six inch ruler we flipped it over 17 times walking it up the tree to reach the limb. I had to stand in the fork of the trees to get it to the top. Then as we were leaving the area we stopped to rest on a huge table sized tree stump. A few seconds later something hit a large oak tree just behind my head so loud it was almost like a gun shot. I assumed this was a rock but I didn't see it bounce off or where it went. This Happened 7-8 more times within the course of a couple of minutes. I could see an impact on the tree, but no object was clearly seen flying off. It seemed as though something wanted to scare us and make us leave. So, I said aloud that we would be leaving in a few minutes to go eat but unless the rocks started hitting me I was going to rest first. The rocks stopped after I said that. We could see for hundreds if not a couple thousand yards in every direction, but didn't see anything. We waited several minutes more to see if it was going to happen again before finally leaving the spot.

These first photos are from Arkansas when I visited a friend a few years ago who had been having bigfoot contact and telepathic communications with a Bigfoot family. We left apples in the woods overnight and found them bitten into with huge human like teeth the next morning. We also found huge bedding sites with body impressions. In the photo the blonde matriarch Magnus is seen crouching on the left side. She is accompanied by a very young bigfoot in profile. While not definitive by any stretch of the imagination these photos are similar to my sightings except my sightings were crystal clear, up close and personal. There is also an enormous adult black male behind the skinny tree on the right in the foreground. He is supposedly a young adult male something like a nephew to Magnus according to the telepathic contact reports. My good friend Dr. Mary Rose Grant commented that "he looks precisely like the male bigfoot we spotted at Montgomery Bell Park in Werewolf Springs Tennessee before. Dr. Grant was at the time a microbiologist and administrator for the School for Professional Studies at Saint Louis University. I think he only looks like the other Bigfoot because they are big and they both have black hair. However, the Bigfoot from the park had a more human face and stood stunningly more erect. I will save the wildest paranormal UFO/ alien/bigfoot contact experience for a future post. It took place after the Tennessee Renaissance festival in 2000. Relevant reader comments are extremely welcome.

Arkansas Bigfoot - Magnus with Child and Adult Male ------------------For better viewing right click photos set as your desktop background or save and enlarge i

Magnus and Child High Contrast

Magnus and Child Outlined

Magnus and Child - Green Contrast

Magnus and Child - Silvermat

Vortex Featured In Life Magazine

Vortex Beam Video

Kewaunee Paranormality Interview Part One


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    • Mysteryus profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Pratt 

      3 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      sunny6789, I would love to see your photos.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I have seen BF in Ohio, MI, and Africa. Mi and Africa are by webcams beamed to satellite. His children play in a clearing in the top of lake mi. I have one of juvenile, but this time i got him materalizing. He comes from a place like the aurora borealis, green, and he comes all out in 3 seconds. The webcam stayed in place and took 3 pic, he was out then. I have all 3 pictures. Interesting. Because it gave me a new perspective. This was the adult and he was pulling the weeds back to look at the little one.

    • anomalyman profile image

      H.R. Phillips 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Oh, absolutely on the Bigfoot experience too - my theory on anomalies involves the the phenomenology of different types of spaces. The Bigfoot/UFO phenomena would be part of the able-to-not-be space.

    • Mysteryus profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Pratt 

      6 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Thanks Anomalyman, I am not sure what you mean by anomalous intentionality filming for the UFO footage. If you mean the power of intention then even the bigfoot contact could be considered as such. Except, maybe the initial contact experience.

    • anomalyman profile image

      H.R. Phillips 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Hi Tony - I just featured this Hub at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock - Some of the best folks in BigFootlogy (new term) exited the field after the realization of the tie-in with UFOs. What most amazed me about the beam video is how early you were doing all this anomalous intentionality filming - wow.

    • Mysteryus profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Pratt 

      8 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Cher, yes absolutely! The howls are scary and the vocalizations are chilling too! Though, I have only heard a couple of howls firsthand I think they are more impressive than the chatter.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Have you heard the sound that Big Foot makes? It send chills up your spine.

    • Mysteryus profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Pratt 

      9 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Hey everyone, Check out this new bigfoot footage of a bigfoot pulling down a 40 foot tree while speaking like a human and the latest Mystery Us #37 Bigfoot UFO Connection:

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      C.J. Sorry about not using enough paragraph indents. I will work on that. Thanks for your comments. The more credible folks like yourself that come forward the sooner the mystery will be solved or at least acknowledged as a mystery to be solved.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 

      9 years ago

      Well, Mysteryus, I have not seen Bigfoot personally, yet I believe Sasquatch exists.

      My interest in Bigfoot goes back nearly 40 years and for a time, I worked as a Forest Ranger in the Cascade Mountain Range.

      I never saw Bigfoot, but I heard "tree knockings" all the time, high in the mountains, all by myself.

      At other times, I felt like I was being watched as I patrolled on foot, and once, my attention was drawn to a small stand of trees where I heard these horrible grunting noises. Whatever was behind those trees was quite large and it was shaking them furiously.

      On this occasion I was with four other people and none of us knew what to think, but we all were quite satisfied to quickly leave after watching and listening to this commotion for about 1 minute.

      To this day I think back on that event and wonder if a Sasquatch was venting his rage at us for intruding into his territory. I guess I'll never know.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comments on "Missing Links" Hubpage where he asserts that Bigfoot does not exist.

      I thought your article was very well written and very interesting, even though you did not make use of paragraphs (shame on you). :0)

      Voted up, useful, awesome, and terribly interesting!

      Best wishes and be well - C.J. Sledgehammer

    • Mysteryus profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Pratt 

      9 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Thanks daryl2007 for your unsupported comment. I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to accept it unless they see it for themselves.

    • daryl2007 profile image


      9 years ago

      All about Bigfoot is hoax.... UFO maybe true...

    • Mysteryus profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Pratt 

      9 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Thanks Manthy, I appreciate your openness to the possibility. Before I became directly involved in collecting my own evidence I had of course seen shows on TV about Bigfoot and UFO's. Although, I was open to the possibilities in the back of my mind I still thought it could all be hoaxed. And, even now that I know firsthand that the phenomena exists I still have many more questions than answers.

    • manthy profile image


      9 years ago from Alabama,USA

      You know I must admit that I have been a skeptic before about Bigfoot but after this hub,with the photos in different lights etc, plus your story it has helped me to really think more about it, I also have been watching the TV show finding bigfoot - all that being said I think that maybe there is a bigfoot - I voted this a up & awesome & I am gonna pass it on to my friends

      Thanks for the awesome HUB


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