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End of Year Biology Review & Class Party

Updated on May 18, 2019
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I am a Christian. I was an 8th-grade American History teacher. I am currently a freelance writer, public speaker, & homeschooling mom of 9.

Semester Review & End of Year Party for Middle School Biology
Semester Review & End of Year Party for Middle School Biology

This is the 32nd lesson in a series of 32 hands-on Christian lessons covering middle school biology. This lesson focuses on a semester review game and end of the year party. I used this plan while teaching a 55 minute middle school biology class. Each lesson plan includes homework assignments and a variety of hands-on activities to make each lesson engaging & memorable. Use these fun lessons with your classroom, homeschool, after-school program, or co-op!

Semester Review Game
Semester Review Game

Semester Review Game

1. Play Semester Review Trivia for the first 30 minutes of class.

  • If you have about an equal amount of boys and girls, divide the students into 2 teams: boys & girls. If you have lots more from one gender, divide the students into teams of about 5 each by listing the students in order by how many tickets they earned and then going down the list 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • A student from the first team will select a question. (I simply used the multiple choice questions from the tests that accompany the Science Order & Design textbook. I cut each question into an individual strip and mixed them up in a basket). He or she will answer the question.
  • If they answer it without the multiple choice options, they get 3 points. If they want multiple choice options & get the answer correct, they get 1 point. If they get it wrong, the player from the next team who has the next turn has a chance to answer the question for a bonus point.
  • Groups are not allowed to help whoever is answering. They may not look at their homework or textbook for answers.
  • Each team will get a chance to answer a question and then the next student from each team will answer.
  • I passed out candy as prizes: 3 pieces for the winning team, 2 for the 2nd place team, & 1 for the 3rd place team.

You will need:

  • review questions cut on slips of paper (such as the multiple choice questions from the tests that accompany the A Beka test book)
  • a container to hold the questions
  • prizes such as candy (blow-pops, air heads, snack-size candy bars, etc.)

Some of the party snacks
Some of the party snacks


2. Allow students to get snacks and drinks. Students were each supposed to have brought snacks to share. I also brought items from the requests I had gotten after asking them what they'd like: sodas, cookies (Oreo & grasshopper), chips, & brownies.

You will need:

  • plates, cups, napkins, snacks, & drinks

Some of the prizes
Some of the prizes

Redeeming Tickets

3. Award prizes for top ticket winners.

  • Have students hand in their tickets and then list them in order by how many tickets they earned.
  • I handed out a $10 gift card to the student who had the most tickets and handed out a $5 gift card to the students who had the 2nd & 3rd highest numbers of tickets from this semester.

You will need:

  • a $10 gift card & two $5 gift cards (I used Chick Fil-A & Dairy Queen gift cards.)

4. Ticket Shop:

  • Each of the prize items are laid out on the table. Each student was supposed to bring an item ($10 or less), and then I bought additional items.
  • The student with the most tickets gets to pick anything off the table. The student with the 2nd highest amount of tickets gets to select the next item from the table. Continue until everyone has picked an item.
  • Cycle through again starting with the student who had the most tickets. Continue the rotations until all the prizes have been selected.

You will need:

  • items students brought (less than $10 each)
  • additional prizes - I bought candy & treats from Walmart (chips, candy, etc.) and numerous items from the Dollar Tree (pocket knives, multipurpose tools, rope, bungee cords, blank sketch books, magnifying glasses, & small explosives - like sparklers)

List of items we dissected this year
List of items we dissected this year

Year in Review

5. Review the year.

  • Who remembers which guest speakers we had this year? (Have students call out who they remember and list that on the board. Add anyone who is missing.)
  • What did we dissect this year? (Have students call out what they remember and list that on the board. Add any items that are missing.)
  • What was your favorite activity we did this year or something you enjoyed doing?
  • What is something you learned this year that you didn't know before you took this class, or what is something you learned this year that you thought was interesting?
  • (Optional) If I taught this class next year, can you think of anything I could add or change to make it better?

6. (Optional) Pass out a gift to each student.

You will need:

  • (Optional) year end gift (such as sketch notebooks or candy bars with Bible verses and/or personal notes written on them. It does mean a lot to some of the students to have a personal note of encouragement written specifically about and for them.)


Have a wonderful summer! Keep exploring the world around you!

Looking for all my lessons?

© 2019 Shannon


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