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Bipolar A Medical Condition

Updated on August 5, 2014

Ronny has lived so his life in denial because a "Bipolar", a disease he was diagnosis with . Living with bipolar has took a toll on Ronny life,every day his life changed, from cantankerous to unpredictable.

No one knows what it feel like to have a thousand and one wheels turning in your head, unless you have experience manic bipolar patient. Living with bipolar not understanding the ratification of the illness can divided a family.

Ronny family loves him but couldn't put up with his behavior, they thought Ronny was just a out of control kid with nothing better to do than terrorize, others with his behavior.

No one knows the actually cause of Bipolar, it could be genetic negro-chemical and environmental factor and plays a major role in the progression of Bipolar disorder. Bipolar malfunction disorders deals with neurotransmitters in the brain.(Chemicals).

This disorder most likely runs in the trace of families from generations. Bipolar is known as Manic-or mania depressive illness that causes a brain disorder, these disorders includes mood swings, depression, stress-and suicide attends.

What are some symptoms of Bipolar?Symptoms of manic episode are being irritability,feeling high, and being over happy. Symptoms of depressions-sadness or being helpless at times.

Bipolar is a complex illness that millions of people suffered from each year, it can be control by taking medication and seeing a doctor or a therapist.

Ronny now believes that he can live a productive life, like so many other who are dealing with Bipolar.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      Bipolar is a complex disease that no one understand where it came from . Doctors and Researches believes it is trace from families generations ago. Jada67