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Rainbow of Colors: Colorful Birds

Updated on February 6, 2012

Bird watching is another relaxing hobby one could have. But if you lack the time and money to spend for a bird watching trip (specially when you live in a city,) don't think that it isn't gonna happen.

Why is that? There is always the internet you know. And Youtube has the videos of colorful birds you might enjoy watching. And here's a list of some colorful birds I had found online.

And yeah, posting these colorful birds reminds me of the little birds I use to adore and watch back when I was a kid. I forgot what's the birds name was but it was back in the Philippines and this birds are so tiny.


Blue Bird of Paradise

Paradisaea rudolphi

This colorful bird has a blue colored wings. Male blue bird of paradise plumes are color violet blue and so are their wings. The females underparts are colored chesnuts.

Blue bird of paradise feeds primarily on fruits.

Golden Conure

Guarouba guarouba

Also called Queen of Bavaria conure, yellow conure, parakeet.

These lively color yellow conures are matured ones and conures are loud screamers. Their beaks are greyish-horn-colored and has the life span of up to 30 years.

Scarlet Macaw

Ara macao

This bird is a fruit eater, thou scarlet macaw's also eat nuts and seeds. Native to American tropics, this bird's plumage is usually scarlet. the greater upper wings are color yellow, and the wings upper-side is color dark just like the tail feathers ends.

Scarlet macaw is Honduras national bird.


Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise

Cicinnurus respublica

This colorful bird feeds mainly on fruits and insects.

Females are color brown with color blue crown on its head while the males has naked blue with double color black cross pattern. Another thing that will distinguish the male from the female is its color red and black with the color yellow mantle on its neck.

Indian Peafowl

Pavo cristatus

Male peafowls (known as peacocks) are predominantly blue and the elongated upper tail bears colorful eye-spots while the female peafowl (known as peahens) has a dull brown plumage and a green lower neck.

This colorful bird will sometimes feed on small rodents, lizards, and even snakes. But they mainly feed on grains and berries, which is why this bird is usually found on the ground and avoid flying.

Wonder what country has it as their national bird? The answer is India.

Resplendent Quetzal

Pharomachrus mocinno

This bird is known for its colorful plumage and can be seen from Southern Mexico to Western Panama area.

Wonder what country has this bird for their national bird? The answer would be Guatemala and it is also the name of the countries local currency.

This colorful bird has a green body and red breast. Matured male quetzals has a helmet-like crest and a yellow bill while the female quetzals has black bills. Their food? Resplendent quetzals eats insects but this bird is considered as specialized fruit-eaters.

Bearded barbet

Lybius dubius

The young barbets feeds on insect. The adult ones which has a black crown, back tail, and breast band feeds on fruits.

How did the bearded barbet got its name? This colorful common resident breeder in West Africa got its name from its well developed bristles which fringe its heavy, thick, yellow bill.


Upupa epops

Hoopoe birds are found across Afro-Eurasia, and is capable of strong flights because of its broad and rounded wings. This colorful bird eats mostly insects but they also eat seeds and berries and feeds on the ground.

The hoopoe is Israel's national bird.


Guianan Cock-of-the-rock

Rupicola rupicola

This bird which diet consist mainly of fruits has a bright orange half-moon crest that is use in competitive displays to attract females. The female Guianan cock-of-the-rock has dark brownish-gray color and possesses a yellow-tipped black bill and a smaller crest.


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    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Soprano. I'm enjoying making those hubs about all those colorful living things :)

    • SopranoRocks profile image


      6 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      Your hubs show us beauty we would never know existed; thanks for that! I may use some of your colorful creatures for art and writing inspiration =)

    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Nice to know these could send some inspiration :)Seeing those colors just boost my energy too when I need it.

    • Leave of Wisdom profile image

      Leave of Wisdom 

      6 years ago from Sydney

      Glorious images! Thanks for the inspiration-- I needed it today!

    • precy anza profile imageAUTHOR

      precy anza 

      6 years ago from USA

      Yes, they are amazing! I haven't even seen a tail like that.. I wish I can see one. :)

    • CarliFrenneman profile image


      6 years ago

      Beautiful! The tail on the Wilson's Bird of Paradise is outrageous! I've only heard of two of these birds so I'm happy you wrote this! P.S. I'm sorry for using so many exclamation marks but I couldn't help myself. These birds are freakin amazing.


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