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Bitcoins has arrived to stay.

Updated on February 24, 2016

Bitcoins has arrived to stay and every time more people is interested about the bitcoins.

The virtual currency which has made a big impact on the market.

But what is the Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has been designed to perform anonymous payments. Independently made from governments and banks. In recent years, the Bitcoin has generated a lot of attention on several fronts. Bitcoin payments are based on an interesting new technical solution which make them work different from the traditional payments. In some payment situations, the Bitcoin can offer some benefits in terms of lower costs, speed, anonymity, etc. over traditional payment methods. However, its use can be also more risky because Bitcoin is not directly covered by laws that control the payment mediation. Weak consumer protection is also one reason because the Bitcoin has not spread further and has not been more widespread as a way of payment. The use of Bitcoin for common payments is still low, and although the future of Bitcoin is uncertain, it is an interesting innovation that worths description. Initial fear about Bitcoin and skepticism have lead to the adventure of invest in this cryptocurrency rather than in fixed-term deposits, government bonds or on the stock exchange. Although, to buy Bitcoins is still not that easy as should be today.

What is Bitcoin?

Until this changes, we inform you about three methods to get your first Bitcoins. But first you must have a virtual wallet that you can get free and quick. like or download any of the existing for computer and/or smartphone.


Bitcoin´s ATMs:

There are not still so many ATMs enabled to perform bitcoins transactions. But bit by bit they are spreading. They work on a very simply way. Introduce the money to invest and the details of your virtual wallet, thats all, as you might expect these ATMs charge a commission.

Payment: Cash.

Exchange platform:

Exchange platform:

Exchange bitcoin platform: You can open an account in any bitcoins exchange platform, there are several Many on the Internet . They are very safe and therefore they require for documentation to verify the user (identity card scan, water or light receipt to verify your address...) after making a bank transfer and through your account you will be able to operate freely.

Payment: Various. Each exchange platform accept its ways of payment and requirements.

Exchange with users:

Exchange with users:

Exchange with users: There are websites that put users with bitcoins into direct contact, those users can buy and sell privately their bitcoins. It is a free market and each person points the price of the bitcoin they want to buy or sell. The pay method is agreed and the bitcoin sending is processed.

Payment: Various. Users selection, usually the most used and widespread.

The choice is only yours ...

Are you interested in learning more about the Bitcoin.

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