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Black Hole creation and complexity about mass

Updated on November 17, 2014

Debate on mass

Mass is a theoretical conception in physics. But the role of mass in real life become doubtful when the experiment of time length of the falling bodies from same height is same in different masses substance in vacuum. There mass of the falling bodies have no role in falling. But there have a lot of evidence in physics about mass. What is correct? If you willrejext or accrot the conception of mass. Different scientist have given different assumption about mass existancy and non exixtancy. A lot of books about this debate is available here. At the end of the scientific research in order to anouncing that mass is only a theoretical conception stopered down in terms of Black hole creation. The throry of black hole creation suggest that there have an exixtancy of mass. But in reality of falling bofies nature do not support that mass have an existancy. Different group of scientists and research organization are trying to make a coordination between two contradictory condition. In different ebook there tried to margin two contradictory assumption. This assumption may be helpful for the scientist to reach in a conclusion.


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