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Make Money with Google Adsense: Blogging, Bookmarking, and More.

Updated on September 24, 2014

Adsense Sharing Websites

For me I usually do not write about stuff like this. Since Hubpages has the affiliate program with Google Ads all of us here have an AdSense Id. If you are on Hubpages and have not set this up you need to do it, now. I like using Amazon to promote products on my Hubs but have seen nothing in return. This led me to concentrate on bumping up my AdSense since I have been making a little money through that affiliation. This started me on a quest to find sites that shared in AdSense revenue. There has been much written on Hubpages about these sites. so I will not go into those but will post links on the bottom of this hub. And yes I will do it through my "referral" URL. That is the main point of joining these sites.

Since I am a blogger and have been utilizing my "blogger' account to run Google ads, I decided to find a site that would promote my blogs.  Which I talk about next.  There are other sites too that allow you to share in revenue.

Adsense For Bloggers

You Say Too

I am one of those that when I check out a site if it overwhelms me with information overload I move on. If it takes me a few minutes trying to figure out how to navigate around a site I get a little irritated. Why those that design web pages make their homepages so confusing is beyond me. I have always said that one or two clicks to get where I want to go is fine. Sometimes simple is better.

I stumbled upon 'You Say Too' by rummaging around the Internet to find another website that shared in AdSense revenue. Like I stated before I blog and this site seemed to fill a void in my adventure of AdSense. I have social bookmarking up the old wazoo and didn't want to venture down that road anymore.

About 'You Say Too' is at first glimpse it seemed easy to navigate around. If you have a blog submit it. It will add rss or atom for you so no need to validate. If you don't have a blog you can do one on this website. Haven't done that, so I can not relay to you what I have found. You can also upload photos, and flash games. If you blog on social networks like Facebook you can add this too. There is a "buzz" section where you can post a question and get answers. There is an area for causes that you can join. some of the causes are: fight hunger, fight cancer and a few more causes listed on that page.

Also uses Amazon.

AdSense is split 50/50.

For every referred user who added a blog or started their own, you get 15% from their ad views .

Also you get 10% from ad views from users referred by you.

*Note: your blog must have 3 or more post to be posted on their site. Also need to add html to your blog with a back-link to the site. Very easy in Blogger, here is the sequence to do this.

Blogger - dashboard - layout - page elements - add a gadget - html/javascript - Here is where you will paste the code from "You Say Too" then save.

To signup for this website, Click Here.


AdSense Sites (Bookmarking)

Here are some websites that I am currently using that shares AdSense revenue. I have seen a big increase in my AdSense revenue since joining these sites.

**Note: Tagfoot does not like Hupages and Squidoo.

AdSense Site (Publishing)

Triond is a site that lets you publish your original work. They take your quality content of any type, in any media format and publish your work on a network of niche websites.

Since I use Hubpages as my main source for writing I use Triond to create "back-links" to my Hubs. I will write my main piece on Hubpages and maybe even some secondary pieces and take something relevant and link it to my Hubs.

For instance - The Rolling Stones (primary), Mick Jagger (secondary) and on Triond write about Chuck Berry and how his music style influenced bands like the Stones.


AdSense Site (Fun Site)

This site lets you share and discuss topics that interest you. This site was started on 2003 and by 2009 Six million visit their site monthly.


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      search engine guide 8 years ago

      Thanks for posting there are many different things to learn on this subject, im happy to have come across your information

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      Michele 8 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      Thanks HSanAlim

      It took them a while but I finally got in yesterday without any problems.

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      HSanAlim 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Infopirate is up and running again but new members will need to request membership. Had too many problems with Spammers from Russia.