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Blood Moon: full moon: spirituality of it all

Updated on September 29, 2015

What's the Deal with Full Moons?

It appears that Full Moons influence people's behaviors and have always done so, down through the ages.

However, the Full Moon that just happened this September, 2015 was a truly, remarkable event. If you spend a little time looking the photograph that I took of this moon, through a light cloud cover, after the eclipse had occurred, you will see how this moon enhanced the beauty of the ecosystem that makes up my valley. You will see that, within the context of the trees, the clouds and available light, something more occurs that creates a beauty that is a summation of something more than "just" a full moon. I find it difficult to explain an occurrence, the likes of this thing that has occurred for us to enjoy. I am not going to re-write all the religious and spiritual associations that are being associated with these Full Moons.

I am not trying to disclaim the power that religious people are associating with these Full Moons but I am not promoting it either. I know a lot. I know what has been said about these moons, in the pass, and I know what is being said about these moons now. All I am saying is, I am not "sticking my neck out," making claims or promoting claims associated with Full Moons. I have to be careful being the scholar that I am.

Having said what I have said above, I still find it rather remarkable that the moon circulating around our planet behaves the way it does. I also like watching the moon. It is a beautiful thing to watch in its cycles. If one is a spiritual person, whether he or she is a primitive spiritual worshipper, as in the case of many Native Americans, or a practitioner of a New Religion (as is the case of many Japanese worshippers, one may find that the moon has a special place in your spirituality or world view.

Enjoy what you observe in Nature, whether it be walks through the woods, a meditation experience in your favorite ecosystem, or just reading a great book with photographs that take you "up and away."

I have said enough about moons. There are tons of information out there, currently, following the most recent Full Moon. Therefore, I feel no need to write more. Enjoy!

Super moons, blood-red and eclipsed



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