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Bloody business to warm the globe up:Man turns face off the reality.

Updated on January 4, 2011

Hopeless mankind

Decades of debate on the Greenhouse hasn't solved the menace.Super Powers invariably ridicule the cause by pretending the role of saviors and keep on dumping the tail biting countries with the residues of their sin.


We need to study the cause to find the remedy for any problem.

Industrial revolution caused world wars. And world wars, their repercussions precisely,compelled the super powers to modify the strategies.The newest power game started on the grounds of economic hierarchy.The big brothers were always keen to keep the field unlevelled and they mastered the art of foul playing with economic sanctions against the rebels raising voice or action challenging their vicious code of economics which is against God and man.

The chapter of the 20th century had thus become the bloodiest in the history of mankind whereby the last single kind man was displaced ! A sense drained design prevails now in the policy making globally.Hence we lack the political will to resolve the crises of global warming,environmental decay and atmospheric pollution.

At least the authorities should stop mocking the issue by pretending the roles of 'good shepherds'


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    • ajuvr profile image

      Raju Veluthaakkal 7 years ago

      thanks ddv

    • debbiesdailyviews profile image

      debbiesdailyviews 7 years ago

      Ah, now I can see how you got my drift...

      Good Hub, keep writing please.