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Bomb Trains of Big Oil Terror! (Climate Change Petro-Chemicals of Terror)

Updated on July 7, 2015

The Terror Threat of Climate Change/Bomb Trains

Bomb Trains

The Pyramid of Climate Change Action and the removal of our dirty, climate change causing fossil fuel is almost complete.

We saw blue collar whites in Louisiana State protesting Oil-By-Rail and of course we saw the British Royal Family (Prince Charles) call for using alternatives to dirty fossil fuels. We have a Top Down, Bottom Up and now we need to turn these climate change polluting companies quote Van Jones of CNN.

The Major Oil Companies, that are all multi-national entities and that have no loyalty nor patriotic inclinations, for the safety of the U.S. and Canada is starting to come to light. Dirty Fossil Fuels will go to a global market and it doesn't bring energy independence.

I was born in the 1970's and since the 1970's, we have been using out dated infrasrurcture to transport Oil By Rail, which is the most unsafe way of oil/chemical transportation.

We are not a nation of laws, except for citizens, but we are in fact a nation of useless regulations that may sound good on television, read good on paper but they are useless regulations; since they aren't being applied to major polluting oil and chemical companies.

When the Obama Admin sent out Congresswoman Maxine Waters, from South Central L.A., to call for an infrastructure bank; his corporate Big Oil handlers knew that this would not fly because they called for a bank. Why must we create a bank to improve our pathetic and dangerous infrastructure? Why can not we just get this 'Bomb Train' Threat under control?

The reason why they sent out Congresswoman Maxine Waters to call for a 'bank' is because they knew that after the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the last thing that Americans wanted to hear was the word 'bank'. They set up Maxine Waters and Obama to fail, even though the Obama Admin was quite passionate about improving our decrepit infrastructure.

During the Civil War, we saw the rapid expansion of rail lines from the North that were slapped down into The Southern U.S. We saw Western Expansion of rails through out the Western United States, many built by imported slave laborers from Asia, that were used to blow through mountains, using explosives that only gave them a few seconds to escape the blast zone.

This out dated infrastructure (train tracks and rail lines) were designed to connect regions of the United States, to what has now become small towns, suburban areas and populated urban Los Angeles County.

Every other month, there is a train explosion, that is carrying oil, which uses chemicals that are simply combustible. Entire towns, like cities in Quebec, Canada have been wiped off the map. We had the train explosion in Tennessee last week, that released a toxic cyanide into the air and that town is still under evacuation.

These chemicals used to supposedly 'stabilize' oil for rail transportation are simply having the effect of an atomic bomb. Every day we are under a domestic terror threat, not from ISIS or a 'lone wolf' but from these 'Bomb Trains'.

We have Virginia Kice the spokeswoman for Department of Homeland Sec/ICE not even taking into consideration that "Bomb Trains" are a much bigger threat to the U.S. Population than Boko Haram, criminal undocumented immigrants or ISIS.

In fact, the Islamic State has more environmental friendly laws on its book than the U.S. because under their strict Islamic Law, the marine life and animal life that is meant for food consuption has to be Halal or 'clean' of harmful chemicals.

It has absoulutely NOTHING to do with us that ISIS released environmenal laws that are simply superior to the environmental laws that we currently have in the United States and it's certainly not my fault that ISIS actually follows these pro-environmenal laws. Basically ISIS' Quranic Islam Environmental laws are the equivalant of Jewish Kosher Food Laws.

  • Raqqa City in Syria, the Head Base of Islamic State, released environmental laws that were equivalent to their strict interpretation of the Quran. Polluting the food supply with petro-chemicals is Haram under Islamic State Laws because it stops Muslims from Halal food production.
  • What I am saying is that the Islamic State is becoming more environmentally advanced than the United States and notice that under the Islamic State, they may use sledge hammers and bombs but they certainly have never taken out an entire town using a "bomb train" of combustible, climate change causing petro chemicals, like we have happening here in the U.S. and Canada.

On the Carbon Tax Agenda, I simply do not see these carbon tax laws ever being applied properly to high polluting corporations. What we need are Carbon Fee Dividens (Called for by Citizens Climate Lobby) where polluting countries, like China, can either tax on their own soil or the U.S. needs to slap tarriffs on foreign companies that have not taken climate change in a serious manner, as it related to exporting their goods.

If we use Carbon Fee Dividends, we can add over 1.3 trillion dollars to the U.S. Economy(GDP) and this money can be used to lift people out of poverty. If Republicans and even Democrats do not call for Carbon Fee Dividends to be paid by Big Polluting Corporations, then it makes no sense to argue about welfare/entitlements because these Big Polluting Corporations are the biggest hogs of entitlements, when it comes to tax payer funded subsidies that are used to pollute, blow up entire towns via combustible chemicals by rail and cause massive economic stress; when these towns are simply wiped off the map due to these "Bomb Trains".

The Global Threat of 'Bomb Trains' and Intelligence Report

  • The U.S. Pentagon spends 50% of its budget on human resources (people at non-essential agencies) and thinking of ways to combat Vladimir Putin in Russia. Putin is the top intelligence agent in that region (Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe) and his hetro-boyfriend or BFF is a strong-arm Muslim. Putin's Hetro-boyfriend is a Muslim that can keep entire regions of Muslims in line & he may even be working with ISIS on Putin's behalf. Putin's style is to look for a weakness and then hijack the agenda.
  • Putin hijacked Edward Snowden and NSA secrets. This was not the fault of the American People but a weakness in the United States Federal Government.

Putin is working to hijack oil pipelines with Iran and is hijacking entire areas of Asia along with the Ukraine. Putin never breaks a sweat but instead he looks for a weakness, waits with a smile and then uses his army of KGB Soviet Thugs of Intelligence to hijack entire agendas, especially from Anglo Countries.

Thus far, only the British and Dutch have even begun to create a counter-Putin Intelligence strategy; while the U.S. Pentagon waste 50% of its budget on doing everything but exercising our military might. It simply does not take billions of dollars to understand Putin's stratergy for Soviet domination.

If we can not use safe chemicals, that aren't turning our Oil-By-Rails into atomic bombs, then we simply need to eliminate Oil-By-Rails all together, because how hard would it be for Putin, ISIS or China to simply sit back and watch us blow up our infrastructure and even cities that are in blast zones of Oil-By-Rails like Los Angeles and major cities in the Mountain Mid West and Western States? Why would Putin or China bomb the United States or Canada; when we are already allowing oil companies to take out entire towns with these Trains of Death?

Bomb Trains

Scream Against Bomb Trains


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