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Boy With A Five-Inch Knife In His Head And Other Bizarre Mishaps Caught On X-Ray

Updated on November 10, 2011

On a normal day, x-rays are used for broken arms, broken legs and telehealth diagnoses. But on a bad day, x-ray images can reveal some of the most gruesome and horrifying injuries you’ve ever seen, from an 18-inch drill bit screwed into a man's head to a metal rod pushed through 10 vital organs. But don't worry, no one died.

Five-Inch Knife in Head

Before you freak out, you need to know this story has a happy ending. This x-ray is of a 15-year-old boy who was stabbed when he and two others tried to stop a friend from being robbed at a bus stop in south London. The mugger stabbed the boy in the head with a five-inch knife, narrowly missing his brain. The boy was rushed to hospital with the knife sticking out of his head, and doctors were able to successfully operate. The surgeon said if anyone tried to remove the knife, the boy would have died. Now, the boy is fully recovered and enrolled in college.


Boy Impaled On Bike Handle

This 10-year old and his friends were practicing bike stunts in a parking lot when things went horribly wrong. The youngster tried to bunny-hop a curb, but his foot slipped. He fell, landing on a handlebar, which penetrated 6 inches into his abdominal wall. His father rushed out and detached the handlebars from the bike, then rushed him to the hospital. The handlebar missed his internal organs by mere centimeters, and after a 45-minute surgery, the boy is well on his way to recovery.


Key Pierces Toddler’s Brain

This 17-month-old was at home playing with his brothers when he fell onto his parents’ car keys. His parents heard him scream, and were horrified to find a key stuck in his eye. The toddler was flown by helicopter to a hospital where doctors discovered the key had not only pierced his eyelid, but also his brain. Surgeons were able to remove the key without causing damage, and the toddler is now fully recovered and enjoying perfect vision.


Drill Bit in Head

In 2003, a construction worker in California landed face-first on an 18 inch drill bit. It pierced through his right eye and exited out the back of his head, leaving 6 inches of drill bit on either side. Miraculously, when the bit screwed through his head, it pushed aside his brain rather than going through it, which spared him from paralysis, brain damage and even death. This is a gross story, but the grossest part is that the only way to get the drill bit out was to unscrew it. At the end of the ordeal, the construction worker lost an eye, fractured his skull and racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills because he was self employed and didn’t have medical insurance.


Rod Rips Through 10 Vital Organs

This twelve-year-old boy was playing in a construction site with friends when was impaled by a metre-long iron rod. It pierced 10 internal organs, including the lungs, liver, rectum and small intestine, but miraculously it missed his heart and didn’t damage any major blood vessels. Doctors estimate that it’ll take four months for him to fully recover.


Faucet Through Eye

A lot of people slip in the bathtub, but not a lot of people slip and impale themselves on a tap. Paramedics cut him free and rushed him to hospital with the tap and 16 inches of pipework still in his eye. An x-ray revealed a fractured nose and facial bones, but miraculously, his brain and vision weren’t affected.


Python Swallows Electric Blanket

Humans aren’t the only ones who find themselves in weird x-ray situations. This pet python swallowed an entire queen-size electric blanket, complete with cord and control box. The wiring extended 2.5 metres (8 feet) into its digestive tract! The python underwent surgery and is expected to fully recover.



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