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College - Boys Sharing Rooms

Updated on January 22, 2017

According to the American Camp Association, nearly 9 million kids under the age of 18 attend one of the country's 7,000 overnight camps each summer, with stays ranging from a week to two months.

Not everyone loves camp because it doesn't have all the cool stuff you guys have at home but you must learn to compromise.

Boys in the college dorm are on the menu today. You guys are looking forward to a great summer because you are going to college in the fall, whether in your hometown or five provinces/states away.

If parents had their way, you will attend college where you live for two reasons: tuition fees are cheaper in the hometown college and your parents will feel at ease if you live in the dorm and come home regularly for good cooking.

The difference between tuition fees for local students and international students has led to colleges such as Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, to tackle the issue head on.

In most programs at Simon Fraser University, international students pay the same fees as domestic students for graduate programs (Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma. SOURCE: SFU website.


College is about knowledge, more knowledge yes, but it is also about you as a person and how you will be able to deal with life on this planet alone, without your parents.

So, you better believe it that you need to take care of yourself right now, before your parents drop you off in college in the fall.

They cannot afford to buy you a condo in downtown Philly or Montreal, so you just have to live in the dorm. Unfortunately you cannot choose your own roommate, so psyche yourself that it will work. You will make it work.

  • Colleges or universities have their own reasons for assigning dorm rooms. They base it on different things they gleaned from your application form. You might share a room with someone who is also studying medicine or computer science.

  • The university might put students who love table tennis in one room or they might pair a foreign student with someone from Alberta, so that they could have some inter-cultural thing going on.

Room assignments in The College Houses are intentionally made so that each House includes a cross section of the University population. This cross section reflects the diverse academic, extracurricular interests, home states and countries of incoming students. SOURCE: College Housing - The University of Chicago website.

The university made me share a room with a girl from my hometown. Bad decision! It was not easy because she was a party animal. I was into books because my mother had such a rough time raising money to send me to college.

Guess what? We ended up the best of friends, up to today. My roommate and I made it work because we were willing to compromise. What also helped was home upbringing. She loved to cook and I loved cleaning the dorm room.

However, there are extreme cases where it can never work, like the three white San Jose University students who put a bicycle lock around the neck of their 17 year-old black roomate.

Laundry Basket

Get used to picking up after yourself. You know it’s not right for you to leave your drawers on the floor. Who will pick them up for you in college? Dunk them in your laundry basket.

You don’t want that to be an issue in college, when you are sharing a room. Your mum probably gave you a laundry basket for your room at home, but it might be too bulky. Dorm rooms are tight, so you guys will have to find creative ways of putting things in that small space.

Find a laundry bag that is easy to fold when it is empty but can expand to fit as many dirty clothes as possible. You can also use an old sports bag as a laundry basket.

If kids are not used to putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket at home, they will not know how to keep them away from public view in a dorm room.
If kids are not used to putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket at home, they will not know how to keep them away from public view in a dorm room.


The funky smell from your sneakers might not be a problem at home, where you sleep alone, but it can be nasty for someone else. Monitor your sneakers. If you can feel the funk, your roommate can too.

Wash them regularly, find powder that can tame the smell or throw them away when the smell is over the top.

Shower Regularly

You are boys, so you will have body odour that shows that you are growing up. It can be nasty because it also clings to your clothes despite a trip to the washing machine.

  • What is sad is that instead of people politely telling you that you smell funny or that you have bad breath, they prefer to run away from you or call you names, so be careful of what is coming out of your armpits.

  • Ask mum. Does she think that you still smell funny even after using body cologne? If she does, she might take you to the chemist or drugstore for some stuff to remove armpit hair. Some hair removal products can be used for both men and women. Others are specifically for men.

  • Girls remove hair for many reasons and one of them is that the hair absorbs the sweat. Your mum might show you different products she uses to remove armpit hair and show you how to use it when you get home.

Cleaning Your Room

You will be expected to clean your dorm room. It will be bullying if you expect your roommate to do it because you are into body building and he is not.

It is a shared room so you guys must take turns doing it. You can even have a dedicated cleaning day, let’s say Friday or Sunday. A clean room will also create a nice ambience that will make studying more enjoyable than going to the library.


Visitors can create friction between roommates, unless you live in a 'luxury dorm' in Florida. He has visitors that drop in around the clock and they help themselves to food and other items you share with your roommate or his girlfriend stays the night almost every day.

This is a tough one because you don’t want to start on a wrong footing with someone you just met: Hi! My name is Titus and these are the house rules for our room.

Maybe the best M.O. (modus operandi) would be to ease gently into the relationship and address problems as they occur and solve them together.

How about if we do this? Living in a dorm sharpens your diplomacy skills, which you will need when you become the Foreign Minister of your country.


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