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Brass Telescopes – The perfect accent piece for gazing at the stars

Updated on February 16, 2010

Brass Telescopes have that certain old-world appeal.  You imagine someone like Galileo using one to gaze upon the heavens.  Those antique brass telescopes are still very similar to the ones made today.  The same basic principle driving the refractor telescopes that you see today can be found in the brass telescopes offered for sale today.  Many of these styles of telescope will have the azimuth style mount which is basically an arc or half circle that allows the telescope to pivot 90 degrees.  To make the modern day brass telescopes more aesthetically pleasing most of them are equipped with a rich wooden tripod, either mahogany or oak. 

In fact, it may be more desirable to use the brass telescope as an accent piece for a study or a great room.  While these types of telescopes are perfectly functional, they have a very charming and picturesque decor.   Always a conversation piece, the quality crafted brass telescopes will draw attention as the best piece of furniture in the room. 

Can I use a brass telescope for land viewing as well as celestial viewing?

As I mentioned before the brass telescope is perfectly functional for looking at the stars, but does it provide suitable magnification and image correction for scenic viewing?  Any refracting telescope will have image correcting lenses that will produce images that are right side up so you don’t have to worry about that.  Most brass telescopes offer a magnification somewhere between 40x and 80x which is perfect for things like bird watching, scenic mountain viewing, lake viewing for people who have a nice house overlooking a lake or other body of water where people are sailing or boating.  It’s also great for casual star viewing being able to see all the major stars and constellations; however, if you think you’re going to get serious about star gazing then you’ll want to rethink your strategy.  Even then, you can find cheap telescopes, well under $50 if you know where to look. 

Now if you’re looking to get a cheap brass telescope, I should clarify a few things.  The first thing is that there are basically two types of brass telescopes; there’s the tripod astronomy kind and then there’s the captain of the ship spyglass kind.  Somewhat similar but having very different functions and different prices all together, you can find many great deals at retailers all over the internet.  The best way to know if you’ve got a discount brass telescope is to check out the various retailers online.  Many telescope companies deal in volume and can provide cheaper prices on telescopes than some of the big name retailers like Amazon.  Once you’ve found one you like, double check big retailers like Amazon or eBay.  This will verify if you’ve got a quality brass telescope at a good price.  One more thing, if you plan on using the telescope for any sort of viewing other than the casual glance, you may want to consider purchasing from a telescope store as they can provide you with better customer service if you needed to change out a lens.

Other Telescope Resources

Telescopes for Kids - This article give an in depth view of what some beginner telescopes are like and how to find the best telescope for your child.


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