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Breaking Amish: Should be called the Broken Ex-Amish

Updated on July 8, 2013

Breaking Amish the good bad and the butt ugly

Rebecca removing her false teeth
Rebecca removing her false teeth
Rebecca & Abe and baby
Rebecca & Abe and baby
Kate modeling
Kate modeling
Katie Ann & Abe's Mom aka Mama Mary Vodka
Katie Ann & Abe's Mom aka Mama Mary Vodka
Jeremiah & Girlfriend Kim
Jeremiah & Girlfriend Kim
Sabrina's page before Breaking Amish
Sabrina's page before Breaking Amish
Katie Ann's hair cut & makeover day
Katie Ann's hair cut & makeover day
The Cast visits DC
The Cast visits DC

The Truth shall set you free!

I really didn't watch the second season, because I thought it was a total farce. When I did a little digging I found that these kids were not fresh off the ranch. They had rap sheets that predated two or more years ago. We all know Abe and Rebbecca have a daughter and seemed to fall in love on the show. In reality they had a daughter together and were living in Kentucky in a camper. I think that is the true reason they have not shown her on the show, she is not a newborn, but likely a toddler. I was not surprised when they announced their second pregnancy.

What I was taken a back about was their reaction to Abe's brother Andrew. Andrew claims to have slept with Rebbecca, which for me brings up paternity issues, that's just my mind. Laying that aside, I watched the entire season in one sitting and I was repulsed by what I saw. I should have stuck to my first mind and never watched the show again. Exploitation does not even began to describe.

The reason I distance myself from calling exploitation, because they the cast are actually paid actors that do a pretty bad job at acting. I can now understand why the Amish community and ex-Amish community has denounced and distanced themselves from this dysfunctional bunch. I will say I think Kate makes the most sense no matter how lost or weird she may be to me. I think she if nothing else is honest, maybe I'm wrong.

Jeremiah creates his own drama. Sabrina I won't even research, because I hope she truly has just met her family otherwise she is making a mockery of truly adopted children who are truly seeking to find themselves and I do not even want to go there.

Another thing that stood out besides the episodically crafted meltdowns was the ignorance of Martin Luther King. Now that took the cake. When Jeremiah said something like he should have set the Amish free. The last time I checked equality was for all and why would the Amish need to be set free religion is a choice. We might not have it all, but we have religious freedom.

Ignorance, however, is a choice. If they were truly leaving the Amish and wanted to be English it would make sense to do as Kate said and get a GED, but to nonchalantly make ignorant remarks is not OK, even if that is your character. You don't have to take every role some roles are not worth your dignity. I guess some people can still be buy no surprise in this economy.

Mary and Katie Ann, however, for me saved the show. I felt as if there was a slither of authenticity. I found them to add light humor to a totally dysfunctional cast. The moments of vodka and Katie Ann trying on her clothes and getting a makeover were entertaining and lighthearted.

My honest evaluation of this show is that it needs to be cancelled, because the entire cast needs to be sitting on a therapist couch. To have those many breakdowns at the levels of devastation we saw comes from some deeply disturbed individuals. It seems deeper than anger at the Amish it is self-destructive. They with the exception of Kate come off as desperate, grasping at straws. I will not even be watching the remaining reunion or the LA season.

I always loved the authenticity of shows that showed the humanness so I guess I will be watching Lisa Ling on the OWN network. I think TLC owes their views more and should do a true documentary and dispel the myths about the Amish which have become the meat of their faking Amish show. Love or leave it, its my truth.

The Cast on Katie

Keeping the charade going on Anderson

More from Breaking Amish if you're interested

Speak your mind!? Love it or hate it!

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    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @Jeremiah glad I could be a source of humor for you.

    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @MsDora, you haven't missed much at all. You were lucky not to be a part of the manipulation of reality. Glad I could save you the trouble.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Haven't watched the show. Thanks for sharing your views. Based on you assessment and after watching the Katie video, I'm not interested either. You convinced me.


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