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Breeding of animals for raising production of food

Updated on March 13, 2016

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Breeding is done to obtain animals with desired characteristics

Breeding of animals means to reproduce animals. Breeding is done to obtain animals with desired characteristics. Selective breeding of animals by choosing appropriate parents, improves the animals in terms of milk yield, (egg yield, meat yield), and resistance to diseases, etc. Just as two different varieties of plants can be cross – breed to obtain a new high yielding yielding variety of crop plant, in the same way, by cross – breeding two animals of different breeds, each possessing same of the desired characteristics, we can obtain a new, better breed of animal which possess desirable characteristics of both the parents.

For example- By cross – breeding a cow which yields less milk but is strong (hardly), with a bull a high milk yields breed, we can get a better breeder of cow (or hybrid breed of cow) which will be strong (hardy) as well as produce more milk. Thus, in order to bring about a great increase in the production of food from animals like milk, eggs and meat, we have to carry out selective breeding of animals to get improved breeds of animals which will yield more milk, lay more eggs and give more meat, to meet the increasing demand of our people for animal food.

The various precautions to be observed to ensure high fertility by artificial insemination method are the follows-

1) The semen should be of high quality male animal . That is, the male animal donor should be of sound health and best breed. 2) The female animal selected should be healthy and of proper age for reproduction (or sound breeding stage). 3) Artificial insemination should be done at the proper time of the reproduction cycle of female animal (called heat period). 4) Proper technique and instruments for inseminating adopted.

Breading sheep and goats

Sheep give us meat, wool and skin skin while goats provide us meat, milk, hair, skin. Some of the important breeds of sheep in India are ; Gurze, Lohi, Bikaneri, Mandya, Bakharwal and Nellore. And some of the important breeds of goat in India are; Jamunapari, Barbari, Bengal, Marwari, Pashmina and Malabar. Just like the improvement in the breeds of cattle like cows and buffaloes, the indigenous (desi) breeds of sheep and goats have also been improved by cross breeding with foreign breeds to obtain better quality wool, more wool, as well as more meat.

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